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Top 50 Digital Marketing Agencies in India

Top 50 Digital Marketing Agencies In India

Digital marketing has become very important for any business today. The services offered by digital marketing companies benefit firms in getting brand recognition and attracting customers. Here is the list of the best digital marketing companies in India that help businesses to strengthen their online presence.

iProspect India:

1. iProspect India offers paid and organic search, social media marketing, data, analytics, and conversion optimization services.


2. WATConsult was founded in 2007, and the primary services offered are digital, mobile, social media, search marketing, and digital analytics.


3. Webchutney was founded in 1999 by Sidharth Rao to offer website design, mobile and social media marketing, and online advertising services.

Mirum India:

4. Mirum India was founded in 2009 and offers social media presence, outreach, corporate blogging, content creation, and response services.

Quasar Media:

5. Quasar Media was founded in 2005, and the services offered are digital advertising, media buying and planning, social media, and mobile and e-commerce solutions.


6. Pinstorm was founded in 2004 and is one of India’s best digital marketing services, with top clients such as Yahoo and Canon.


7. iStrat offers digital communication services, digital films, SEO, relationship marketing, web solutions, social media, and other services.


8. BCWebwise, founded in 2000 in Mumbai, offers media relations, product marketing, public affairs, and consumer marketing services.


9. Resultrix is one of the top names in digital marketing, offering search engine marketing, optimization, designing, and analytics services.


10. Ogilvy Public Relations offer media relations, consumer marketing, product marketing, and public affairs services, and the top clients are LG Electronics and American Express.


11. SapientRazorfish was founded in 1990 and served the likes of Audi and McDonald.

GroupM India:

12. GroupM India offers strategy and Business development, trading, brand safety, and content management services.

Reprise Media:

13. Reprise Media India has top clients such as American Airlines, Verizon, etc. The services offered by this company, founded in 2003, include SEO, social media marketing, and paid search marketing.

Interactive Avenues:

14. Interactive Avenues was founded in 2006, and its services include SEO, social media marketing, media handling, and search engine marketing.

To The New Digital:

15. To The New Digital was founded in 2009 and offers design, content management, and video solution services.

Foxy Moron:

16. Foxy Moron was launched in 2008, and its services include photography, SEO, and SEM.


17. Langoor was launched in 2009, and its services include online marketing, web customer systems, and digital strategy.


18. Buzzvalue provides content production and audio/video content, and its clients include Honda and Dr. Reddy’s Johnson & Johnson.


19. AdGlobal360 made a place in the digital services market with its social media marketing, content development, and SEO services.

Digitally Inspired Media serves:

20. Digitally Inspired Media serves its clients in brand building, and its services include a 360-degree approach, write-ups and finalizing the logo, and designing cover pictures.

Xebec Digital:

21. Xebec Digital has a good reputation in the industry for its excellent services in online reputation management, SEO, media planning, and social media services.


22. Ethinos offers social media, digital strategy, branding, content marketing, and mobile marketing services.

Social Panga:

23. Social Panga has Titan, Unilever, and Mobile Gullak in its client list, and the services are web designing, email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing.


24. Flarebath provides content marketing, community management, video content creation, and analytics services.


25. Techshu offers SEO, conversion optimization, affiliate marketing, and SMO services.

Grapes Digital:

26. Grapes Digital offers excellent website design and development services, SEO services, etc.


27. Windchimes was launched in 2008, and their excellence in online community engagement, online reputation management, and social media marketing services got them clients such as ITC, Big Bazaar, and HDFC Bank.

Hazelknight Media & Entertainment:

28. Hazelknight Media & Entertainment was founded in 2013 and offers social media marketing, online media management, website designing, mobile marketing, and other services.

Phonetics. in:

29. Phonetics. It was founded in 2006, and its services include mobile and search engine marketing.


30. iGenero is a company that offers digital strategies and branding.


31. Webisdom offers SEM, SMM, media marketing, and digital media marketing services.


32. Kwebmaker offers web, eCommerce, mobile, and digital marketing services.


33. iQuanti was launched in 2008, and SEO, SMO, and SMM offer the services.


34. Magnon\TBWA offers interactive web design, SEO, social media optimization, online marketing, etc.


35. Digicliff offers brand building, optimization, social media marketing, and content creation for Smude, Puma, Manipal University, and others.


36. Marconix offers design services outsourcing, lead generation, content service, and Media PR services.


37. GoZoop is a digital marketing company that offers brand building, optimization, and content creation.

Media Moments:

38. Media Moments was founded in 2009 and offer social media and digital marketing services.

Tonic Media:

39. Tonic Media has top clients such as PayPal, Everyuth, Abbott, and others, and its services include content campaigns, conceptual designing, etc.


40. Neuronimbus offers digital solutions such as SEO, content management, and e-commerce to Nikon, Pizza Hut, Times of India, and others.

Ideate Labs:

41. Ideate Labs was founded in 1997, and its primary services are digital strategy, performance marketing,  storytelling, and mobile marketing.

OmLogic Consulting:

42. OmLogic Consulting offers mobile applications, e-commerce, digital media marketing services, etc.


43. Webenza was founded in 2011, and the services are content campaigns, conceptual designing and marketing, and media planning.


44. RepIndia provides digital solutions for branding, web designing, social media, and SEO.

MediaZo digital marketing agency:

45. MediaZo digital marketing agency helps clients use social media and digital platforms to benefit their business.


46. AdGlobal360 worked with different businesses such as education, services, real estate, and e-commerce, and services offered are SEO, SMO, and email marketing.


47. AliveNow is a digital marketing agency whose clients include Samsung, Pepsi, Honda, and its services have a digital agency and smart newsfeed apps.


48. BcWebWise provides HDFC bank, Red Chillies, and Britannia digital expert services.

Beehive Communication:

49. Beehive Communication offers digital services such as SEO, mobile app development, etc.

Brainwork technologies:

50. Brainwork Technologies is a digital marketing company in India that offers web-based solutions, including website designing and development.

Digital marketing companies help businesses of any size to create an online presence and build customer relationships. Whether a big company or a small business, every business now wants an online presence to stay ahead of competitors. Thus there is a great demand for digital marketing companies.

Kiran Voleti

Kiran Voleti is an Entrepreneur , Digital Marketing Consultant , Social Media Strategist , Internet Marketing Consultant, Creative Designer and Growth Hacker.

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