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Brand Audit Consultant

Are you experiencing a downslide in your business? Besides, are you also losing your customers to your competitors? Is that also causing a sudden drop in your total revenue and sales? Well, then, you need to look into these issues to perk up your business once again. For this, you require brand auditing assistance to ensure your business is following the right way. One of the prime cruxes in the present time is tough competition. Herein, the only ideal way of ensuring your business stands out compared to its contemporaries is by differentiating the key elements. And the only thing that will determine your business from others is the BRAND!

What Is Brand Audit?

Brand Audit can be defined as evaluating where the brand stands in the marketplace and gauging its strength and weakness. Besides, it also checks on the ways to strengthen it. Brand audit encompasses three major branding areas – Mission/Vision, brand value, and overall business culture.

What Do Brand Consultants Do?

A brand consultant is responsible for analyzing, creating solutions, and marketing to sell the products and services. Brand consultants are also known as brand strategists who own the potential to convert companies from a developing phase to a powerhouse. It is done by analyzing the market and applying website auditing, content marketing, video, and keyword research service. As a Brand Audit Consultant, I bring you a platform to heighten your business by exercising my services.

The Need for Brand Audit!

A brand audit helps ascertain how well your business will perform and how the customers perceive it. It provides you with the following advantages:

  • It assists in determining your business’s position in the market. Also, it helps in planning out creative strategies.
  • It enables businesses to gain a sneak peek into their strength and weakness through SWOT analysis.
  • Guides businesses to align their offerings in line with that customer’s requirements.
  • Besides, it provides support to speed up your business’ positives and negatives and improvise on them.

How to Conduct a Brand Audit?

Step 1:

Build an Audit Framework:

The foremost step in the process is building a framework. Prepare a list of topics and how you would cover them before beginning the examination. I employ the mind-mapping technique and later note everything related to the business. These points must be taken care of when conducting the brand auditing process.

  • Purpose and use of the website
  • Your contemporaries
  • SWOT analysis of your product
  • Product niche and target market
  • Market positioning in comparison to contemporaries
  • Current and future industry trends
  • Core differentiators including price, service quality, and first-mover benefit

Step 2:

Check your Web Analytics:

Studying web analytics is vital for any online business. Note down the points that assist in keeping your business running.

Step 3:

Ask your Customers:

Scrutinizing website analytics offers a good bird’s eye view of your brand’s standing in the market. However, it is also recommended to understand clients’ perceptions and thoughts of your brand directly.

Brand Audit Consultant

Brand audit strategists analyze, solve and hold proficiency in marketing for selling products. It is done by analyzing the brand and considering how it performs compared to contemporaries. Also popular as Brand Consultants, they help convert small organizations into powerhouses by applying appropriate market analysis, using content marketing and videos, auditing websites, and conducting keyword research. As a Brand Audit Consultant, I assist in providing the best output through my services.

What Is the Need to Hire a Brand Audit Consultant?

Brand Consultants analyze the market to understand the competition, intention, and the brand’s online presence. It helps companies know more about their competitors, identify their strategies and win over them.

Conducting competitive analysis allows businesses to know about the keywords used by contemporaries, structuring websites for optimizing search, and who follows them on social media.

Brand strategists also offer more profound insight into customers to understand their pain points and the required solutions.

They also conduct website audits to analyze the factors that lead to low ranking on Google. Brand consultants study the market to improve their websites to help companies meet their goals.

A website audit is similar to optimizing web pages, SEO implementation through image tagging, and metadata optimization. They also look into website compliance, including terms of service, privacy, linking policy, and sitemap.

Building a core branding strategy is one of the strongest pillars of brand strategists. Through this, they can research the competitors, market, packages, prices, and product distribution techniques.

Herein, studying each product can position the company’s services to be more appealing to customers, surpassing the contemporaries.

Choosing the Best-Fit Brand Audit Consultant!

Finding the perfect brand consultant for your business can be quite a challenge. Herein, it is necessary to assess the capabilities accurately. The factors include total experience across different mediums and channels and multiple touchpoints.

Besides, businesses must also opt for brand strategists who have the potential to deliver brand design and strategy. Opt for a brand consultant who challenges the CEO to bring out the best innovation and creativity rather than merely following whatever the company says.

Moreover, it is necessary to ensure the branding approach is backed by a complete test process that can deliver relevant results. Furthermore, organizations would never want to engage with brand strategists who do their job by following the rule book.

As a Brand Audit Consultant, I can help you considerably exercise my expertise by offering the best services.


Thus, if you ever feel your business is hitting the downward graph, faring poorly compared to competitors, or experiencing a high bounce rate and low traffic, it is time to conduct a Brand Audit. It will help bounce back your business and bring it on track. I am an experienced Brand Audit Consultant. I offer assistance in getting close to your dream using the best of my services.

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