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Cryptocurrency Advertising Consultant

Cryptocurrency Advertising Consultant: In today’s world, where marketing and advertising are the preeminent ways of positioning a product or service, our eyes are exceedingly exposed to billing. Spot it as a sponsor name on giant billboards, NBA jerseys, & building promotions, or the online commercials entailing recently searched items; marketing expositions are omnipresent.

The year 2016 marked a glorious global marketing budget of $195 billion. By the year 2021, the number is expected to surge up to a whopping $412.88 billion, all due to the realms of advancing digital marketing.

Now, in the world of digitization, for a particular venture, companies increasingly concentrate on collecting consumer data. This information helps evolve strategic business resolutions like launching new products, improvised price points, and futuristic ad campaigns.

However, the exposure of customer data in the virtual world has no bounds, leading to fraud and mismanagement. This, in turn, causes inefficiency in the way of progress.

The second loophole is the unintended subjection to repetitive advertisements causing customer disgruntling. This, in turn, influences profit adversely.

Owing to such obscures, Blockchain’s decentralized ledger technology offering cost-saving transparency and real-time data aggregation has developed spaciously as the opposite solution.

Cryptocurrency Advertising Consultant

With the evolution and spawning of digital currency, that’s ‘cryptocurrency‘; this is the ideal time to leverage its being. Though the process isn’t seemingly lucid, every instant, newer coins and ICOs are being introduced into the market; the aperture is that both existing and new ones need to stand out.

The crucial aspects that cater to the success of Cryptocurrency are the utilization of the coin, perceived brand value, marketing, advertising, and web presence.

For an effective proffer, the branding of your Cryptocurrency online, one has to resort to expert help. Here, I feel proud to announce myself as a capable specialist willing to extend adept crypto advertising consulting services.

Blockchain Advertising Consultant

Data breach scandals by ad tech vendors have become rampant these days. In digitization, hidden cookies and unconscious grants through links and pop-ups have hindered our privacy to a more significant extent. Juniper Research says advertising losses were to reach $42 billion in 2019; by 2023, the former would hit a $100 billion mark.

Blockchain intervened here as the most resourceful option, providing complete transparency while serving ads and money spent, is on actual human interaction upon the advertising rather than automated traffic.

This revolutionary technology has filled in gaps and has transformed the online transactions done lately. The fact that Cryptocurrency is restricted to financial applications has been disestablished primarily by its noticeable implementation in the advertising and marketing industry too.

As a distributed ledger technology (DLT), Blockchain can contain multiple branches of transactions amidst varied entities (users). The system lacks centralized control; instead, the information is stored under high security through distributed storage systems globally.

In the internet world, where data proliferation and scampering are a norm, Blockchain has redefined security of the finest level for advertisers and publishers; they can easily connect with the right audience(s) now and can make safe transactions.

I was reiterating the point that I, as an expert Blockchain advertising consultant, would like to extend my in-depth knowledge and services for your e-business presence!

How Can Blockchain Help the Advertising Industry Build Trust through Transparency?

Suppose, as an ad buyer; you have picturized a digital dashboard. In that case, one can assess and visualize all the different advertisements performing in all channels and which are driving engagement and desired outcomes!

Then that dashboard is supported by Blockchain only. Such a dashboard can also ensure the authenticity of the digital avenues where the ads appear.

The Technology of Trust!

A distributed storage system rather than a core centralized one is the unique attribute of Blockchain technology—a digital add-only ledger whose records are accessible by the participants globally.

The multiple layers of in-built security fortify the technology to host intelligent contacts and orchestrate automated transactions. The Blockchain is designed so that the data blocks held within are immutable.

Only those individuals who are granted the required permission can access the tamper-proof data through their customized dashboard. The data flow is quick, and transparency is allowed according to given conditions; the rest are all hidden.

Token Advertising Consultant

Token sales marketing is a novel feature that’s in vogue now. Companies release advertising videos to campaign for their products & services through the platform of token sales.

The latter’s USP lies in imparting meaningful messages and ideas via videos! I want to mention that I am an expert token advertising consultant, ready to contribute my experience and skill in this domain to uplift your business.

ICO Advertising Consultant

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a name according to the process of raising money through Cryptocurrency. Mostly, it remains unregulated and needs to be synchronized. Parts of Cryptocurrency are sold to early investors instead of bitcoin or legal tender.

The process simulates that of share (IPO) trading. Even being a relatively new venture, ICO is growing faster due to the evolution of up-to-the-minute cryptocurrencies. The year 2017 saw a breakthrough when cryptocurrency projects helped raise whopping revenue of 5.6 billion dollars.

The amount emerged from about 430 successful cryptocurrency projects. Despite the success, there have been instances of dip, wherein only 48% of ICOs could reach their soft cap.

For further success in this cryptocurrency domain, ICO strategies must be productive, enabling target achievement. Again, this is something that I do very well. Happier to announce that I am an oracle ICO advertising consultant who will guide you throughout this venture into unchartered waters.

Crypto Advertising Strategist

Animations have always tickled viewers’ funny bones, and the message has straight hit the right place. Generally, companies use more energy in their advertising videos to effectively market cryptocurrency solutions and services.

So, to beat the competition, one needs to buck up and examine this forum too. I was a professional Crypto advertising strategist who could turn the tables and make lookers go berserk over amusing yet impressive marketing videos.


We cannot just close our eyes and make the world stop where it is! Progress is happening and is inevitable, so the more we plunge into the race and brace ourselves for upcoming challenges, the greater our achievements are.

Blockchain is revolutionary; it has started impacting the technological world massively pretty soon. A recent survey by Deloitte has corroborated that the respondents to this magical applied science have risen from 74 % (the year 2018) to 83% (the year 2019).

Marketers all around the globe have taken up to this significant coinage and are thronging themselves to acquire the best of it. Quite futuristic and palpable technological insurrection!

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