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Customer Journey Analytics Consultant

Customer Journey Analytics is the way to map the customer’s behavioral journey at every touchpoint across respective channels over time. The analytics report shows the buying and behavioral patterns of a customer’s point of view in a data-driven way.

This analysis helps marketers to understand their customers in a better way and bring changes to the products and services accordingly.

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Customer Journey Analytics

The process of Customer Journey Analytics plays a significant role in every organization as it constitutes the prime part of the customer journey management system.

The analytics program helps the marketing team of an organization to gauge the customer behavior and his buying pattern across multi-channels over time.

As a result, the data churned from the customer journey analytics program helps marketing professionals to address the key customer issues with a productive approach and support them to achieve a 100 percent customer satisfaction rate.

Analyzing the customer journey analytics data in real-time, you can find the key areas where customer experience needs to be improved for the desired business results.

I am an experienced Customer Journey Analytics Consultant, and you can avail of my services to serve your customers better and achieve the desired business targets.

CX Measurement

In this era of stiff market competition, a company can only thrive by working on customer experience. Excellent Customer Experience in modern times can act as an entry barrier for your competitors and allow you to do business seamlessly.

It’s only through excellence in CX, companies from all sectors, including finance, telecom, retail, and healthcare, can result in the desired business outcomes in terms of customer retention, wallet share, and customer lifetime value.

According to the report published by Forrester Research, customer experience is directly proportional to revenue growth. Customer Experience fuels three types of customer loyalty factors that include customer enrichment, customer retention, and advocacy.

Better customer loyalty leads to higher revenue growth. There has been a paradigm shift from measuring customer interactions and experience at single touchpoints to developing integrated models for mapping the holistic customer experience at every touchpoint and across every channel for a better understanding of customer’s buying patterns and behavior.

To achieve the integrated customer experience, the system of customer analytics program needs to evolve from traditional reporting methods to Real-time data analysis driven by monitoring the customer’s overall behavior and buying pattern.

I am an expert and professional Customer Journey Analytics Consultant. My CX Measurement Services are based on real-time case studies that can help your business grow in no time.

Customer Data Management

Customer Data Management is analyzing and tracking customer data for understanding their behavior and buying psychology.

In this process, companies survey customers to get their feedback and change the products or services accordingly. CDM ecosystem is processed through various modern software and cloud applications designed intelligently to serve companies of every size with access to filtered and segmented customer data.

Unlike traditional data warehouses of respective departments, CDM allows you to store data of surveys and feedbacks in a central software system that can be accessed within the company seamlessly.

Customer Data Management is the funnel where collection, analysis, and report-making of customer data are done in an optimized way. CDM enables companies to address the critical issue of customers and allows them to retain their past customers.

Customer Data Management makes it easy for companies to achieve goals of customer satisfaction and retention.

I am here as a professional customer journey analytics consultant who provides the best results from oriented customer data management services.

Churn & Retention

Customer Retention is the measurement of how many of your past customers are loyal to your brand and prefers to buy from you over the due course of time.

On the other hand, Churn is the exact opposite and measures how many customers have stopped buying your company. Companies that use subscription-based business models generally tend to incline their focus on churn.

Insurance firms, banks, energy services, and telecom companies are some of many businesses that use Customer churn rates and customer attribution analysis as a significant business metric.

As there is a rise in businesses working in recurring revenue models, SaaS (Software as a Service) Churn has become a significant business metric for software firms.

Customer Journey Using Artificial Intelligence

  • The primary goal of every organization is to achieve better CX (Customer Experience) as it leads to higher customer satisfaction rates, loyalty, and advocacy.
  • To achieve excellence in customer experience, it is important to have a fair understanding of customers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help in leveraging customer experience by helping you understand your customers in a better way.
  • In the first place, you need to have a vision and strategy ready for achieving the Customer Experience goal. Once you have set the goal, and then step into the possibilities of AI in achieving an excellent customer experience.
  • Analyze and map customers’ behavioral journeys at every point.
  • Get hands-on experience with the concept of AI Solution that is needed for efficiently understanding your customers.
  • Define your goals, whether to buy or build.
  • Monitor, track, and measure the success rate.

Customer Journey Using BI & Analytics

Businesses who have mastered the art of customer data mining and can draw actionable and meaningful insights from it usually come across the following steps in their BI Customer Journey roadmap:

  • Asking the appropriate question
  • Healthy and hygienic data governance to back analytics and BI
  • BI and Machine Learning
  • The real face of data is revealed through the advanced analytics process
  • Creating meaningful and user-friendly dashboards to educate and influence
  • Segmentation of the BI customer Model

Customer Journey Management

Customer Journey Management is the process of efficiently using behavioral trends and technology for an excellent customer experience.

The primary goal of customer journey management is to make the buying process smooth and seamless for the customer at every touchpoint and across every channel. This management system should bridge the communication gap between customers and your company.

The productive customer journey management should understand customer needs and personalize customer experience that resonates with multichannel interactions in a hassle-free way.

Customer Journey Management should also stand tall in serving customers across Omni channels that include websites, social media, voice calls, and mobile phones.

I am an experienced and result-oriented customer journey analytics consultant. You can avail yourself of my current and productive customer journey management services for taking your business to new heights.

Customer Experience Optimization

Nowadays, every organization has realized the importance of offering an excellent customer experience in this era of fierce market competition.

Excellent Customer Experience not only acts as an entry barrier for your competitors but also acts as an asset to retain your customers.

Customer experience, in simple terms, is the process of establishing healthy and trustable interactions between the company and customers.

On the other hand, Customer Experience Optimization is striking the right chord and creating the right balance between customer’s expectations and a brand’s set goals. Customer experience optimization has an excellent scope and ability to take any business to new heights of growth.

To sum up the concept of customer experience and optimization, it is the art of attracting, educating, and influencing customer’s website journey while maintaining trustable brand identity in modern times of a customer-centric ecosystem.

Customer experience optimization is an amalgamation of art and science in making the time of customers on your website productive and meaningful and develops brand loyalty at the same time.

I am an experienced customer journey analytics consultant wherein you can avail of my result-oriented customer experience optimization services to achieve the desired business targets.


Customers are the building block of any business, and a bad experience can take your customers in no time. Therefore, it is essential to learn the art of customer experience to grow and retain your customers.

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