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Decision Science Consultant

A marketing decision scientist helps business-owners or decision-makers to maximize the value of information – by turning available data into beneficial & actionable insights.

Better Marketing and Advertising decisions need more than just human brains!

Marketing Decision Science Consulting – Need of the Hour!

What Is the Job of a Decision Scientist?

A marketing decision scientist believes that any business’s success comes from understanding the full impact of the choices made and thus using these analytics to drive your decisions at all levels of your business.

Understanding Decision Science & Analytics

Marketing Decision Science and Analytics are about transforming a company’s marketing & advertising decision-making abilities and business processes by implementing end-to-end analytics solutions.

Decision Science and Analytics help business owners or decision-makers maximize the value of any available information – by changing the data packets into beneficial & actionable insights.

Significant consumer and business environment changes have disrupted conventional business models, supply chains, products/services, and distribution channels.

By availing marketing & advertising decision science consulting, businesses can capitalize on the opportunities available and address the challenges thus arising from these changes happening around to deliver highly sustainable market differentiation via marketing analytics, which involves marketing measurement, performance marketing, marketing optimization, marketing data management, descriptive analytics, marketing insights, prescriptive analytics, and predictive analytics along with digital thinking.

I have Marketing & Advertising Decision Science capabilities and experience working with different marketing & advertising datasets; I believe that real business success comes from fully understanding the impact of decisions on any business. By using marketing & advertising analytics, one can drive the best choices at all levels of any business.

I also know that there can be no such silver bullet. I am a Decision Science Consultant, fully understand the type of complexity that our clients/brands usually face with their decisions and business choices, and I can work in close connection with them to use this understanding to make the best decisions, which can be implemented quickly as well as successfully.

My job also involves attribution analytics, which includes brand search attribution, display attribution, social attribution, affiliate attribution, email attribution, and non-brand search attribution.

Decision Science for Digital Marketing

Whether it is the decision science for digital marketing or decision science for digital advertising, both chunks of domains are the need of the hour that business is hunting for! I can take pride in providing these consulting services under one roof.

Meant to differ, learned to excel – diversified thinker from a science and engineering background, mathematicians, marketing maestros, finance experts, software development professionals, and consultants who work together in a dynamic and highly creative work environment.

Ever evolving and learning, I take pride in being different and better than other consultants.

I would bring you a potent mix of tremendous & thorough analytical skills and vast experience in data management, process designing, and business strategizing, all of which are guided by solid design ethos.

I have been helping organizations leverage their business investments in data/information, technicalities, technology, and analytics to drive accurate & differentiated business results.

My USPs as a Marketing & Advertising Decision Science Consultant

  • Passion drives forward; our team is passionate about making a difference that our analytics can make to businesses and their bottom lines!
  • Skills make or break any firm; I take pride in having a team of professionally skilled workforce who know their job well. My expertise defines how we work with clients to ride from concept to reality.
  • Experience is something that cannot be replaced by anything. The more experience better is the performance in most cases. I will boast of a team backed by experience, evident in our track record, returning clients and doing repeat business with existing clients.
  • I firmly believe that what has been achieved yesterday should be improved today!

Decision Science Helps Businesses

This digital era has introduced us to many digital tools and technologies, which have all brought about a cumulative effect on business today, enhancing the efficacy of companies considerably.

Many digital marketing experts say that many businesses rely on decision science & analytics to make their major strategic decisions across all segments of their markets.

As per the definition, ‘Decision Science for Business’ is a collaborative approach involving business tactics, behavioral science(s), mathematical formulae, and technological application(s) for helping senior management make data-driven decisions.

In recent years, businesses have relied on various technologies to automate business processes.

But today, mathematical equations have been formulated according to the nature of business variables. These equations, together with technology, work towards helping businesses in the execution of many different processes in a smooth way.

These mathematical equations help in the day-to-day business operations as well as projections. To date, the major decisions have been made by humans only with the help of intuition using the data thus available.

In this type of human decision-making process, there always rests a possibility of bias.

Many digital marketing experts today predict that, in the coming times, these advanced mathematical model (s), along with technology and behavioral sciences, will bring into existence the cognitive repair processes against the biased decisions humans make.

A highly progressive and ‘ahead-of-the-time’ approach is waiting to be embraced in decision-making by organizations.

Advantages of Adopting Decision Science by Organizations Today

Following are some benefits of adopting decision science by organizations today:

  • Decision Science will help firms make better business decisions, which will be unbiased and data-driven.
  • Due to the data explosion in firms today, most companies are bound to process massive amounts of data, and thus, interpretations have become problematic. In such a scenario, if applied alongside, decision science will help in these interpretations, making them valid, thus ensuring decision-making efficiency.
  • Decision Science provides a competitive edge, specifically when businesses need intelligently-interpreted data.
  • Applying decision science by firms will aid senior management in identifying values, certain uncertainties, and other such issues while making business decisions.
  • It will also help the companies analyze the rational values of available alternatives and support the management staff to zero in on only the optimal solutions.

With rapid going advancements in the technology sector and innovations happening across diverse industry verticals, a vicious cycle of applications, technologies, and data has been slowly evolving, thus leading to a complete explosion of data, leading to complexity in the processing of this massive amounts of data; thus generating a multitude of analytical methodologies.

So, adopting decision science and taking help from a decision science consultant is necessary, as it will prove fruitful to gain much clarity in complex business situations to make the ideal decisions.

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