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Digital Advertising Audit Consultant

Digital Advertising Audit Consultant: The digital medium has grown splendidly over the years, laying out broader opportunities for the masses to explore. The digital world presents marketers with many lucrative ways of checking ads’ effectiveness, allowing them to make the necessary changes accordingly.

Digital Advertising Audit Consultant

I am a digital advertising audit consultant who has earned training in examining and analyzing different social media platforms. It helps one get off the bug, blocking you from reaching your audience. Avail of my services and improve your account health.

Define AdWords

Simply put, an AdWord Ad account audit relates to evaluating one’s AdWords accounts to check their effectiveness. The primary purpose of conducting a review is to bring to the surface issues blocking your account performance. Once the problem is spotted, it will help create strategies to improve the account’s health accordingly.

Need for AdWords Audit

While multiple algorithmic-based tools and services gauge the audit results, it is necessary to understand whether they meet your marketing goals and target audience and help achieve the desired PPC output.

Thus, if you are involved in PPC for your company or another business, it is essential to understand whether the investment will be fruitful.

Conducting a periodic Adwords Audit Check will help fine-tune your campaign and understand the critical areas of opportunities and loss that might have missed your eye.

It helps in the following:

  • Find new opportunities
  • Identify areas where your money is going at a loss
  • Redefine your online management
  • Gain insight into audience behavior
  • Add validation to assumptions

I am a trained Digital Advertising Audit Consultant offering guidance and assistance in auditing your accounts to bring positive modifications to your business and PPC health.

How to Conduct an Ad Audit?

An Ad Audit offers a broader picture of how well your ads are performing and how they are polished so that the campaign works in line with your goal. An ad audit campaign method comprises the following:

  • Reviews Structure
  • Analyze Budget v/s Spend
  • Modify the campaigns
  • Keep a track

Facebook Ad Account Audit

Facebook Ad Account Audit primarily consists of evaluating the current marketing campaigns on both business and Ads account pages to add strategies that can help enhance the overall performance.

Method to Conduct Facebook Ad Account Audit

  • Start a quick check of your active campaigns.
  • To get a good idea of how the ads are working, look at every aspect of your campaigns, from evaluating the objectives to conversions.

Analyze Objectives and Conversions

Every campaign should be backed by an objective, like how many likes you receive through the website. Ensure your purpose meets your current marketing goal. If not, update them in line with your current set goals.

Conversely, conversions depend primarily on current trends and events. Check whether your campaigns are driving conversions and the rates incurred, as well as audience engagement in the form of reactions, shares, and comments.

When you find no conversion from a particular ad, only your money is spent; it’s always better to off the campaign in such situations.

Graph ahead your Facebook Ad account audit using my Facebook Ad account audit services.

Twitter Ad Account Audit

Twitter has over 275 million active users monthly, making it a must-have tool for engaging audiences and expanding your online presence. A Twitter Ad account audit helps you gain insight into audiences, content posted, consistency, active followers, ROI, methods to increase presence, etc.

  • Gather all the data from the Tweet section and export it to yourself. Here, you will find your engagement rate, several clicks follow, etc.
  • Create an audit by maintaining the monthly data in a separate sheet. This will help you make the necessary changes each month.
  • Review your overall budget and what is the total ROI
  • Check the number of visitors and how many converted into leads
  • Strategize further steps to improve your online presence by regularly monitoring the changes happening accordingly.

Do you wish to enhance your Twitter graph? I present Twitter Ad account audit services, which will show you the appropriate direction for competition and faring well.

LinkedIn Ad Account Audit

Check the structure

Similar to other accounts, evaluating the structure is of foremost importance. This will help you gain insight into the gaps and opportunities you miss.

Check Users

The second that comes on the block is users. Get the list and review authorized users. Ensure that the correct type of audience is offered through campaigns, contacts, etc.

Analyze Contact settings

Ensure your contact settings are set to receive email notifications, and you are not missing out on any campaign news.

Track Conversions

Conversion camping can help review your account, optimize the campaign to raise your profit, and know which aspect to stop to eliminate wasted money. Although LinkedIn doesn’t offer native conversion tracking, you can do so through other search engines like Bing, Facebook, Google, etc.

Auditing campaign

Analyze if your setting is proper in addition to evaluating the budget you have allotted v/s what is spent, thereby reducing it if more is spent.

Other aspects include:

• Better your ad quantity
• Optimize the ads rotation through the CTR. Scheduled for the right time, to the target audience, and targeting the ideal location and audience size.

Amazon Ad Account Audit

In the case of Amazon, here are the top points that need to be kept in mind:

  • Do not ignore Negative Keywords. It will help ignore irrelevant traffic and prevent money from getting spent.
  • Please do not mix up Google Adwords as it is a broader platform and use.
  • Amazon Adwords.
  • Are there reviews that can raise your brand to the top?
  • Bring to the fore what the USP of your product is.

I am a Digital Advertising Audit Consultant who will help you find the loopholes in your Amazon account and turn your account to the top.


You can turn your business and expand your horizons on social media accounts if you can find the blocks, review the entire report, and strategize accordingly, which can make it work well. I am a Digital Advertising Audit Consultant. Get your AdWords Ad Account Audit, LinkedIn Ad Account Audit, Pinterest Ad Account Audit, Snapchat Ad Account Audit, YouTube Ads Audit, Facebook Ad Account Audit, and Bing Ad Account Audit from me to upscale your business to newer heights.

If you need a Digital Advertising Audit Consultant, Contact me

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