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Digital Music Marketing Consultant

Digital Music Marketing Consultant: Are you worried about the flood of music marketing? I am a professional music consultant who can assist you in the music industry by providing excellent marketing strategies to build a career.

I have been consulting on digital music for many years and providing music brands and artists with new marketing technologies and tools to launch an effective marketing strategy.

I will generate fruitful audience insights that show the performance of our digital ad campaigns. We are already on the upper hand in digital marketing training, especially in the music industry.

Digital Music Marketing Consultant

My main goal is to help our clients achieve a higher Return on Investment (ROI) by offering result-oriented music marketing services.

With my cutting-edge music marketing plans, the label, musicians, artists, and indie artists benefit from finding the unique experience of building a huge fan base and brand reputation.

What is a Music Marketing Consultant?

My music marketing consulting experience tackles everything, i.e., the creation of graphic design, the launch of playlist campaigns, and sharing the music on top trending platforms like Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, Pandora, YouTube, and Spotify, etc., which are being as the audience intended platforms.

Collaborating with us helps the labels and artists focus more on composing the fan’s preferred music.

Music Marketing Consulting for Bands and Musicians

  • Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your Music
  • I will design and develop the Website for your music.
  • PPC Ad Campaign Management.
  • Effective social media management.
  • Innovative content creation and marketing on social media platforms.
  • Email marketing.
  • I am creating the playlist ad campaigns.
  • Assist in offering an excellent digital marketing strategy.
  • We are implementing brand reputation marketing plans.
  • I will identify your music website’s strengths and faults.
  • Live Streaming Implementation
  • Music Syndication and Promotion

If you’re a musician, you need to do these four things to grow your fan base

1: Tweet at musicians with similar fan bases
2: Collaborate with other musicians
3: Email your band’s music to record companies
4: Promote your music on Instagram and Youtube

As I am currently working with clients, I found that all of our clients need quick to long-term queries, which is very tough for them to reach their expectations.

I will deliver the on-time solutions by discussing remotely on WhatsApp, Skype, Phone, FaceTime, etc., which can help them provide successful results.

I was wondering how to get more music sales.

1: Asking for iTunes reviews boosts sales
2: Auto-tagging is another way to boost sales
3: Take your music on the road
4: You can sell your music online via Google Ads
5: You should run a Goggling campaign! Build links in 2021 and then boost them in 2022, the year of music.

Music Marketing Consulting Services for Talent, Brands, & Companies

Social media has opened the doors of opportunities to reach the potential audience and to make the platforms the platform for talented artists. The YouTube platform offers a great way to reach the audience with talent and skill.

Regarding digital marketing for musicians, the artists must not be judged by the following, likes and subscribers themselves. Some artists with an exclusive talent for various things may not be identified from crowded sources.

However, if implemented correctly, digital marketing is the best way to reach people. There are several different techniques for getting people online with your talent.

Your music isn’t on the internet

1: Make a mixtape cover template
2: Design a functional image to represent your music.
3: Ask your fans to share your music.
4: Tag at least one other artist in your post.
5: Pay for Spotify or Apple Music ads. Choose wisely which service you use.

The best advice on Digital Music Marketing

1: Run your business through Instagram
2: Engage with your followers for more engagement
3: Be active in a significant group if you play music
4: Use a Website to grow your Instagram following
5: Remember that music is a business, not a hobby

Your Social Media is worthless if you don’t have a music marketing strategy

1: Try the Pinterest tactic for making your music promo catchy and memorable
2: Give it you’re all during promotions
3: Organise a giveaway or offer for new fans
4: Look into your analytics
5: Grow organically by borrowing from your friends’ audiences

Ways that digital music marketing will change in 2021

1: You can immediately create and publish albums to streaming services. No more waiting for them to clear the rights.
2: A new subscription service that pays artists based on their popularity, not how much people listen to their songs. This way, artists get paid more money even if the music isn’t being streamed as much.
3: ‘Name your price’ pricing will stick around to keep the consumer

Marketing for Musicians

Digital marketing is a great way to reach the audience through content marketing, video marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and Live YouTube Marketing.

All these are only some channels in digital marketing that you can try out to promote your talent and band.

Music bands and musicians can create their official YouTube channel and start promoting with new channel trailers and teasers about the band members and their themes across the platform.

Collaborate with other channels and join MCNs to avail of better opportunities online.

  • Music Marketing Consulting
  • A&R Consulting
  • Artist Brand Development
  • Artist & Label Branding Services
  • Music Social Media Marketing
  • Music Tech Consulting
  • Major Label Listing Services
  • Music Marketing Project Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Music-related Press Releases
  • Free tips, news, & advice

Searching for the best information on digital music marketing?

1: Build partnerships with other artists
2: Know your competition and acquire their audience
3: Create content that people want to share
4: Use the right hashtags. Target audience-specific hashtags rather than generic ones (ex., #music instead of #marketing)
5: Don’t underestimate the power of Facebook ads. Find a successful artist that’s using them and model their strategy

Want to make money with music?

1: You need a homepage URL
2: You need an email list
3: You need a SoundCloud account
4: You need strong social media accounts
5: Mixing software is cheap these days; start mixing!

This is how we sell digital music!

1: First, optimize the title of your song to reach your targets
2: Next, build and manage an artist company website (No SoundCloud)
3: Then build a mailing list with music download links that go directly to iTunes or
4: Submit your music everywhere!
5: Email everything you have to everyone you know who likes what you do. Ask them to upload your songs for you.

Reach the people by optimizing your videos with metadata and live campaigns utilizing YouTube Live and other online live applications to reach the people with live music.

To implement the step-by-step strategic plan, connect with the right digital marketing professionals like Kiran Voleti’s services to succeed.


A Digital Music Marketing Consultant is a specialized professional who helps musicians, bands, and record labels promote their music, grow their fan base, and increase revenue through digital channels. By leveraging their expertise in digital marketing and the music industry, these consultants develop tailored strategies that optimize online presence, drive engagement, and maximize the impact of promotional efforts.

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