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eCommerce Analytics Consultant

eCommerce Analytics Consultant: An eCommerce platform is meant for harboring and flourishing online businesses. As an entrepreneur, if your presence in the virtual world doesn’t seem significant, you are losing out on avenues for making money.

So, to further your financial goals, expert analysis of customer behavior, a shift in trends, and garnering relevant information influencing your business for driving sales are required.

eCommerce Analytics Consulting deals with the science that effectively plans and manages inventory, fulfilling customer demands timely and appropriately coordinating the supply chain with the merchant network.

I have worked in this domain for years as an eCommerce Analytics Consultant. I have the copulative experience to fortify my talent to extend my services to your worthy organization for future development and achievement.


How to Drive More Sales with eCommerce Data?

Tricks and tips of the trade:

  • Invest with full hands in customer service technologies.
  • Inspect your proper understanding regarding customers. Delve deep into analyzing and drawing inferences.
  • Get your numbers ready and stick to them like goals.
  • Time and again, testing is essential for avoiding complacency.
  • Use social media advertising sites like Facebook to drive more traffic.
  • Build and manage an effective email marketing strategy.
  • Finally, work towards growing your brand and trust.

With my proficiency in this domain, can I guide you in driving more sales with eCommerce data?

Data-Driven eCommerce Analytics and Insights

Nowadays, every business relies on facts and figures from real-time data curated on the ground. The thoughtful analysis of raw data and evolving fruitful solutions and incepts out of the same helps deliver strategic business decisions on which the compacompany’sre lies.

Here, I proclaim to be brimming with knowledge and practical experience for contributing to data-driven eCommerce analytics and insights.

Google Analytics Consulting for eCommerce

Simply gathering facts and figures won’twon’t trigger your websiwebsite’sress. Collecting relevant information about advancing the brand is an art of skill.

Observing the performance of the business in terms of ROI and thereby culminating strategic decisions towards propelling the exact needs of scrutinizing and focused analysis.

With my proficient Google Analytics Consulting for eCommerce services, I understand the sensitivities; thereby, I strategize measured granites for achieving milestones in your commercial endeavors through a studied scientific approach.

Several business clients benefitted from my adherence and have conquered heights in the virtual world. Don’tDon’tthink it’s time your business needs expert hands to re-nourish it?

Content & eCommerce Analytics Consultant

This professional works in tandem with your in-house tools and interactive platforms to understand the subtle requirements of your business, which couldcouldn’tecognized earlier.

A content & eCommerce Analytics Consultant works on elevating sales and increasing ROI through not only customer-based inputs but also the in-discrepancies in website projection is also calculated and worked upon.

I have a commendable grip in this domain and proudly offer my services as a content and eCommerce Analytics Consultant. My role encompasses the following:

  • Developing measurement frameworks based on company needs.
  • We are analyzing existing content and finding out ways to improvise it for better performance. We are designing and conducting assessments on content performance across KPIs like content efficiency, effectiveness, reuse, quality, coverage, impact, and sales data.
  • Working with the help of content analytics tools, driving recommendations, and insights for clients, namely google analytics. We are focusing on delivering to clients on marketing or content marketing analysis. I am exploiting my acquired knowledge of eCommerce analytics and data tools across digital marketing channels.

Being a veteran in this scope, I assure to project myself as a content & Ecommerce Analytics Consultant specialist who can guide you well here.

Customer Segmentation and Data Enrichment

By carefully segmenting your prevailing and prospective customers, one can delightfully cognate preferences and assume customer profiles for insights for data enrichment.

I have acquired the necessary learnings in this domain (Customer Segmentation and Data Enrichment) to cater towards data enrichment through customer look-see.

Smarter Inventory Management

As the name suggests, it’s behaving smartly. With less inventory and a cut down on expenditure, still, demand can be increased, and thereby sales are made to happen.

Through Smart Inventory management, one can innovatively control costs using valuable data and powerful software. I am available here to extend my excellent services for Smarter Inventory Management.

A/B Testing and Optimization

This process ensures maximum ROI, utilizing the resources at your disposal without significant modifications in the system. I am an accomplished A/B testing and Optimization expert who can handle all your hiccups here.

Web Analytics Tracking Implementation

Analytics configuration estimation isn’tisn’tildchild’s; serious minds need to work. A thoughtful and logical approach helps evolve detailed insights from the expected behavior of clients; data-based ideas will eventually improve the business and lead to numerous positive results.

Here, several factors are essential for consideration, like business objectives, analyzing the type of data that needs to be tracked, and, most importantly, legal restrictions that bind user information.

Also, a lot of writing, testing, and double-checking has to be performed. Thoroughly, I have attained expertise in this domain and can proudly announce myself as adept in Web Analytics Tracking Implementation.

Remarketing Platform Implementation

Remarketing audience is a list of ids or cookies representing a specific group of users; you wish to re-engage for their likelihood to convert into prospective buyers.

This is done by researching user behavior on your website and using these audiences for remarketing ad campaigns on your account in google Ads, Display, and Video 360. I can confidently extend my hand here for a meaningful contribution to Remarketing Platform Implementation.

Heatmap and Session Recording Implementation

Heatmaps are a record-keeping of visitor clicks on your website to the extent that one can configure how far the mouse has been moved and how far they scrolled (down or up).

Now, this technology leads you to inferences like how intriguing is your website content to the visitor. How much do they read? Whether they click on the sub-links or not?

Whether anything in the content has distracted them? Heatmaps can also be accessed through different devices, and how the content work across such machines can be observed.

Session recordings include coin clicks, mouse movements, window resizes, form interactions, and so on. These recordings can be played perpetually later to visualize the behavioral attempt of a particular individual.

It’s seeing what the other person is doing. This process not only sounds effective in business terms but is also cheap and easy to set up. It’s It’sdeal way to improve the usability of any website.

I am a Heatmap and Session Recording Implementation expert, so that you can take my services for your business gains.

Ad Hoc Analysis and Regular Reporting

This kind of reporting is created for single-time use, so the name is Ad hoc. BI tool facilitates visual report making, answering any immediate business question instantly.

You need not be an IT professional to do this. Ad Hoc reports can be generated anytime in a visual format about the audience. I am an experienced craftsman in Ad Hoc Analysis and Regular Reporting. Try my services and outwit your competitors competently.

Improve Return on Ad Spend

Below are some pointers by which you can reduce expenditure and increase revenue on your PPC campaigns:

  • Promoting seasonal offers
  • Using Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies
  • Optimizing the landing pages on your website.
  • Spying on competitors
  • Using Geo-Targeting
  • Refine keywords.
  • Enhance the mobile-friendliness of your website.

Without the slightest doubt, you can avail of beneficial services in this domain to improve Return on Ad spend. I am an expert eCommerce Analytics Consultant here.

Establish Rule-Based Alerts and Dashboards

Alerts and services are specific steps any organization takes to maintain goodwill among customers and ‘stay in touch. Do not hesitate to avail my expertise here too. I am deft when it comes to establishing Rule-based alerts and dashboards.

Automate Your Reporting Process

I am skillful in automating the reporting process. With me as an associate, your business can quickly go automated in reporting. The need to depend on a person to deliver reports timely is eliminated to avoid defaulting and amiss.

This is done through a software system. You can Automate Your Reporting Process with me as your associate workman.

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