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Google Shopping Ads Consultant

Google Shopping Ads Consultant: It’s incredible to see how Google puts forth the solutions we seek. We type in a few words as queries, and numerous search results appear within a flick of a second.

Google Shopping is a comparative shopping engine that compares products or information in-store and makes available the most relevant ones according to search queries.

It doesn’t seem very easy, but it isn’t. As the proprietor of your brand, you must pay for the clicks on your advertisements.

Google Shopping Ads Consultant

Nowadays, the virtual world seems to overpower the realm of business! Commercialization of products and services on the e-commerce platform is beaming.

Entrepreneurs need to focus on advertising more massively than before. In the search result forum, few know the opportunities Google Shopping offers for projecting and proposing you as a brand.

People can advertise products and services on the Google shopping portal by inserting relevant keywords. Google reads through these keywords while addressing a query and pulls up information.

However, the advanced mechanism will never help you enter keywords. However, there are options for paid ads and free ones. Strangely, only 20% of Google’s immense potential is being used by retailers.

For digital marketers, this indicates that a broad segment is available for lookers to generate organic sales. I am an experienced Google Shopping Ads Consultant who will be delighted to extend services to help your business grow and rise, cocooned in guided hands.

Do join hands with me for a never-before-exciting journey in your e-entrepreneurship ventures.

Common mistakes you need to avoid when setting up Google Shopping Ads

  • Thinking that your product will sell itself
  • Not defining your landing page correctly
  • Not strategically targeting your products
  • Thinking you don’t need to advertise on these channels
  • Considering it’s going to be like Adwords. It’s not
  • Not testing enough products or niches
  • Not using a bidding strategy
  • Being on the wrong side of an algorithm update

Have these issues with your Google Shopping ads?

1. You’re not using all features
2. You’re not using more than one product category
3. You forget to save your campaign
4. You forget to test your campaigns for conversions
5. Your destination URL is only a page name!

Google Shopping Ads are the future

1. Not realizing how they differ from regular Adwords
2. Not integrating well with a CRM
3. Using too many keywords
4. Not using demographic or interest data to target ads
5. Spending lots of money without measuring ROI

Google Shopping Consulting

Well! As we say, google is a vast repertoire of information loaded by people. Now, when we look for a particular product in Google Shopping, the system concocts complex algorithms to feature the best matches, scrutinizing keyword relevancy and other factors.

Google shopping accounts for 65% of all Google ad clicks and 89% of retailers’ non-branded Google search ad clicks. These shopping ads have also seen a hike in revenue generation, as there’s a 12% more increment per click than search ads on the desktop for non-branded keywords.

Free listings on Google will not profit the organization as much as promoted and paid ad services. If you, as a businessman, are not aware of the nitty-gritty of the trade, then you better hire expert help.

I can proudly proclaim myself erudite in this domain and will happily extend my Google Shopping Consulting services. Here are a few suggestions for increasing CTR on Google Shopping:

  • The images that you create that expose your product should affirm Google norms.
  • Try your hand at experimenting with creating different types of pictures.
  • When you choose images, try choosing supreme quality. Inferior standards do not appeal to visitors.
  • The pictures should portray the message that you wish to deliver and picture the correct product without causing any misconceptions.

Google Merchant Expert

The skill to present your brand as a service or product in front of the audience and pull up customers who end up buying the same is commendable attainment on its own.

Google Shopping Management facilitates sellers’ positioning of their products front and center for fair comparison and purchasing online. However, one cannot depend upon Google to authenticate sites’ genuineness.

Only positive, reliable user comments can be examined to trust a commercial feature. Users can affiliate with giant online shopping aggregators like, Yahoo Shopping, etc., to assure quality and certification. Here are a few pointers for increasing sales on Google Shopping.

  • Keep promoting your stuff repeatedly.
  • Add your products under the correct Google product categories
  • Product titles must be framed with search engine keywords, so optimize them accordingly.
  • Always select the best images that authentically feature your product.

I see this Google Merchant mistake everywhere

1. You’re not using your products
2. You have bad or no lighting in your images
3. You’re covering up the label with a logo or design
4. You haven’t implemented multilingual images yet
5. Your product is not on display well

Use these strategies to avoid Google Shopping Merchant mistakes

1. Blocking your business
2. Wrong categories
3. Misleading title tags
4. Invisible product images
5. Inactive landing pages

I am an expert Google Merchant Expert; I can guide you well in this domain.

Google Shopping Ads Specialist

A clever entrepreneur will never compromise on financial budgeting to create advertisements or market the business. So, as a seller, you must choose paid ad campaigns proposed by Google to gain maximum returns on your investment.

The free listings will never help you reach your target; they might save on your pocket. The paid version of Google Shopping supports monitoring sales and offers tools covering granular reporting to keep track of the main KPIs.

The average cost per click on Google ads is between $1 and $2. The average price per click (CPC) on the display network is under $1.

The most expensive ones can shoot up to $50 or more per click in Google and Bing ads. The average shopping cost per click (CPC) across all industries is $0.66 for Google ads and $0.46 for Bing ads. Here are the three vital steps for raising your rank on Google Shopping:

  • Firstly, create the best product feed for images, keywords, etc.
  • Secondly, segregate your campaigns.
  • And lastly, try to allocate more money to valuable ad groups.

Still, if you require help, I am an expert Google Shopping Ads Specialist. I can be your guiding light and partner in this domain.


Online shopping is now the most sought-after portal for almost all shopping requirements; one can never ignore the vast scope of Google Shopping ads in this field.

Positioning your products by employing the right keywords and surpassing the competition to attain the topmost position in search engine results has never been easier than now.

To capitalize on Google Shopping’s enormous potential, one must understand the taxonomy of product niches. Remember that the best Google Shopping campaigns are time-tested through a shopping feed structure optimized for optimum performance.

I have an in-depth knowledge and skill set acquired through years of working in this domain and catering successfully to client needs and satisfaction.

Having this synergy, I can adapt to advanced online marketing industry standards, curating development expertise for creating impactful Google shopping ads (formerly known as product listing ads).

The results will amaze you with their efficiency and target achievement. As a proficient Google Shopping Ads Consultant, I promise to deliver your business as never before the zenith of success, generating ROIs through blooming ad campaigns.

Earlier, I faced clients who could not generate proper shopping feeds; as a result, their businesses faced losses. Associating with me, we could set up the backbone again and perform inspiring results.

I am an adept marketing expert with due certifications appropriate to my knowledge. My management services covering different platforms include:

  • Focus on competitors and outperform them, staying limited to our powers.
  • Implementation consulting provides automatic price and item updates, promoted products, microdata markup, etc.
  • Negative keywords management and product group bidding optimization.
  • Shopping campaign structuring for advanced keyword and product bidding optimization
  • Research keywords and implement them to secure the best shopping feeds.
  • I am managing shopping feed errors and warnings.
  • Customized shopping feed design tailored exclusively for your business needs.
  • Exposure to top-notch potential and strong marketing technological know-how.

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