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Location-Based Marketing & Advertising Consultant

LMS, or Location-Based Marketing Service, is a crucial direct marketing plan that uses the owner’s mobile phone’s device location to inform about the new product offering from their nearby business landmark. Generally, location-enabled alerts are sent to users’ mobile devices through SMS text messages.

As people are obsessed with using smartphones with embedded geo-location tracking features, location-based marketing has become popular worldwide.

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Marketing consultants see India, the second-largest country in internet use, as a thriving market for running location-targeted marketing campaigns using tools such as web beacons, virtual perimeters, and Geofencing.

Location-based marketing can be helpful for companies that want to explore new possibilities in Omnichannel marketing. It will help promote the eCommerce portal and local retail shops simultaneously.

Location-Based Marketing Consultant

Located-based marketing, or geo-targeted marketing, generally sends personalized messages to prospective customers who are physically present near your business outlet.

Through located-based services, marketing messages are delivered to customers’ mobile phones. Location-enabled marketing services depend on the following:

  • Smartphones with easy access to advanced Internet features
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) technology that allows easy tracking of customers’ mobile device location and businesses

I am an experienced and application-based location-based marketing consultant who can guide you in generating more revenue through location-based marketing. The Location-Based Marketing Services offered to me are mentioned below:

  • Located-based social media campaigns
  • Location-based SEO Marketing
  • Geofencing and virtual perimeters-based campaign
  • Web Beacon campaigns
  • Location-based marketing through Steaming Video Ads
  • Location-based targeted SMS campaigns
  • Location-based micro-targeting campaigns
  • Multi-lingual and multi-location-based campaigns
  • Location-based competitive and industry analysis campaigns and report generation
  • Micro-targeted location-based election advertising campaigns
  • Location-based market research campaigns
  • Location-based audience analysis through analytics programs

Location-Based Advertising Consultant

Imagine you are strolling through a village area and seeing an Advertisement message for fashion apparel on your mobile device. You are more likely to ignore the notice. However, imagine receiving the same message while walking through a shopping mall. In this case, you are likely to pay attention to the letter.

This is where location-based marketing services come into play, where customers are targeted and shown relevant Ads based on their location and nearby business outlets. Location-based Advertising is a form that clubs mobile-based advertising with location-enabled services.

This technology explicitly targets customers according to their location and delivers personalized advertising messages on their mobile phones. According to a study a few years back, 66 percent of overall marketers believe location-based marketing is a powerful tool for attracting customers.

Location-based marketing and advertising have massive potential for marketers; however, the question that needs to be answered is how companies leverage the power of geo-targeted marketing.

I am an expert location-based advertising consultant, and you can use my services to develop winning campaigns.

Geofencing Marketing Consultant

Geofencing is the practice and application of GPS (Global Positioning System) or RFID (radio frequency identification) to identify a particular geographic boundary.

As soon as the virtual geographical boundary is established, marketers deliver personalized advertising messages to customers’ mobile devices whenever they walk around that particular geographical boundary.

This technology enables traditional retailers with physical stores to establish a virtual perimeter around their outlets. Now, whenever potential customers walk through that respective perimeter, they receive advertising messages regarding offers, deals, and discounts from that retail store.

The chances are that customers are more likely to respond to those messages and take a call to action. For example, a customer may receive an advertising message regarding a discount offer on some snack items while they walk around the area of the respective restaurant.

The customer might react to the message and enter the restaurant to buy the snack item even though they didn’t intend to buy it in the first place.

Geo-fencing-enabled marketing is creating specific location-based Ads that allow marketers to target their customers with advertising content based on their location.

The virtual fence around a target location is called a geofence. I have gained rich experience and expertise in Geofence Marketing, and you can avail of my services to get more customers.

Geofencing Advertising Consultant

Geofencing Advertising is also interchangeably referred to by the name of Geofencing Marketing. It is the precise application of a respective virtual boundary around the separate location with specific applied rules when a mobile device enters or exits.

The shape of the geofence is typically a standard radius; however, a geofence’s size can vary and be modified accordingly.

Note that you can establish your geofence anywhere around the desired location, whether your business area or your competitor’s area or location.

You also have the space to establish a geofence around your location of the companies that refer clients to you. For instance, my result-oriented Geofencing Advertising Services will help you target the most preferred areas.

A Geofencing-based Ad can comprise a promotional message such as discount offers, deals, or an event invitation to your desired location.

In addition, if you place Geofencing around your competitor’s business location, you can target customers from that area with targeted and relevant Ads.

Delivery of Ads is made possible through Search Ads, Display Ads, or Mobile Apps. Geofencing has also triggered App notifications in some cases.

I am an experienced professional with immense expertise in Geofencing Advertising, and you can avail of my services to optimize your business and attract more customers.


It is noted that location-based advertising and location-enabled marketing have recently gained massive popularity and are widely used by marketers to get more customers.

It is also a cost-effective and valuable tool that large and small companies can use. It has become the need of the hour to hire a location-based marketing & advertising consultant.

I am one of the experts in this field who can help you optimize your business through unmatched location-based marketing services.

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