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OTT Content Security Consultant

The domain of entertainment is being transformed through OTT (Over-the-Top) content. The modern convergence of Internet and Television coverage has changed how people search, watch, and share their preferred content.

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However, the rise in OTT content and its recent popularity have made this entertainment field full of stiff competition. This is because of the rapid mushrooming of new OTT players in the entertainment industry. Big OTT players such as Amazon Prime and Netflix have already established their reputation in the market with a vast subscriber base.

Meanwhile, companies such as Disney, Comcast, Apple, and AT&T are also on their way to launching their streaming devices. Besides the rise in competition among OTT platforms, the other issue that needs attention is the protection of exclusive OTT content. According to Parks Associates’ reports, online piracy may heavily cost US OTT operators and pay-tv $12.5 billion in revenue loss by 2024.

OTT players must leverage the power of Digital Rights Management, an effective way of safeguarding OTT content from piracy and unauthorized use.

I am a professional and experienced OTT Content Security Consultant. My services can help you grow your OTT business.

What Is OTT Content Security?

Online Steaming is driven by advanced technology and structured with complex terms. The most available time you may come across is IPTV (Internet Protocol Television).

The rise in internet-based content streaming rapidly replaces traditional broadcast methods such as cable or Satellite TV. This is where IPTV plays a significant role in the OTT content streaming transition.

Nowadays, people spend most of their time on OTT platforms, which have become their favorite way of consuming content. However, one challenge is the issue of piracy while distributing OTT content.

Therefore, OTT players must qualitatively use DRM technologies to secure and distribute content over respective devices.

I am an experienced OTT Content Security Consultant who can help optimize your OTT content for better results.

OTT Content Security

Media companies are fighting stiff competition to emerge as the most significant shareholders in the OTT market. However, it will be sensible for OTT players to integrate their resources to safeguard their content from piracy and unauthorized use.

Video piracy and unauthorized content use have been prevalent for many years and have become prominent recently. Though the industry’s efforts to improve security and standardize digital content are commendable, device segmentation is a significant challenge to combating video piracy.

I am a professional OTT Content Security Consultant who can guide you in optimizing and distributing your OTT content most effectively.

Securing OTT Content with Multi-DRM Content Protection

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a virtual licensing system given to the OTT player wherein the content owner can decide when and how their content will be consumed.

Several DRM systems are now available for devices, gaming consoles, TVs, and browsers to protect and safeguard online content from piracy.

It simply means that only certain content that complies with the specific DRM standard will be streamed on the assigned device, TV, or Browser. As of now, there are majorly 3 DRM systems:

  • Apple FairPlay
  • Google Widevine
  • Microsoft PlayReady

I am an experienced OTT Content Security Consultant, and you avail of my services to boost your OTT business.

Securing OTT Content with Forensic Watermarking

Many historical ways of securing content include watermarking exclusive content, encrypting content, and analog methods-enabled interference signals.

All these methods protect the rights of the content for its original creator or owner. Nevertheless, the major drawback of using these methods is their inefficiency in preserving the original content and its security when the content is played on the respective screen.

Watermarking is an age-old passive content security process that has gained more attention because of numerous ways of distributing live content.

Forensic watermarking regarding online media is about integrating the metadata into the respective online content, including security, identification, copyright ownership, and authenticity details.

This is a popular method of tracking the source of the leaked content, as technical watermarking helps identify the origin of the leaked content and allows the investigative team to prevent further piracy.

I am an expert OTT Content Security Consultant, and you can use my consulting services to grow your OTT platform effectively.

Cloud-Based Forensic Watermarking Service for VOD

Cloud-based forensic watermarking services can also be implemented and tried concerning VOD. I am an experienced OTT Content Security Consultant who can help your OTT business proliferate.

Keeping OTT Content Secure: SSL, CDNs, and Encryption

OTT Players can use CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) to increase efficiency while delivering content to end-users. As CDNs are not the property of content owners, their SSL/TLS certificates for HTTPS connections cannot be used.

Modern approaches in DRM systems, such as authentication tokens, watermarking, webpage monitoring, and JavaScript/HTML5 protection, can combat these security problems.

I am a professional OTT Content Security Consultant. You can avail of my services to boost your OTT channel.

OTT Content Security Consultant

Unauthorized use of content and piracy have always remained a threat to original content creators over the OTT platform. Any ineffective measure taken to combat the issue of piracy can lead to heavy revenue loss.

I am an experienced OTT Content Security Consultant who can help your OTT video streaming run securely and effectively.


Many content security measures can be implemented to protect OTT content. Content piracy must be addressed and resolved effectively to ensure better content integrity, exclusivity, monetization, and accessibility.

Every OTT player should include ultra-advance Multi DRM systems and forensic watermarking in the content security strategy to safeguard their content.

I am an experienced OTT Content Security Consultant who can optimize, secure, and guarantee the efficient distribution of your content.

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