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Social Media Security Consultant

Greet Security—Meet a Social Media Security Consultant! Today, social media does not need any introduction; it has infused itself into our day-to-day lives so much that we cannot think for even a day without being on social media. It has taken over our lives like a pernicious high wave. This wave has undoubtedly brought the entire world together and much closer, but not without its utterly detrimental after-effects.

The complete personal info dissipating daily on people’s social media accounts has made these platforms hotbeds of cybercrime. But, with a sigh of relief, I can say that when there is any crime(s), there is also the inspection for bringing justice to the victims to combat such occurrences.

Social Media Security

Social media security analyzes dynamic data shared over social media accounts to protect against security breaches and threats. I am an expert social media security consultant who can assist you with your social media security requirements.

Privacy and Security on Social Media

Social media is not a new term! By now, the whole world is acquainted with or living with it daily. We all are clinging to social media to such a massive extent that many of us share a lot of personal information on different social media platforms, thus calling for cybercrimes! Following are some ways you can follow to attain privacy on your social media accounts:

  • Carefully skim through all the available privacy settings on your social media account(s). Never rely on the default settings.
  • Do not click on posts like “Find your death day,” “Which celebrity do you resemble,” etc.
  • Install authentic antivirus tools in your laptop(s) and smartphone(s) devices.
  • Always turn off your location. Some websites also keep track of all your offline activities, so turning off your area can ensure the least plausible loss.
  • Use very high privacy control(s) to allow only some selective people and groups like family and some selected friends to see/view your photos and status updates.
  • Always set up any Security Answers; they are essential in securing your privacy over your social media accounts.
  • Please do not leave your social media accounts logged in; in this way, you invite cybercrime, as they can hack your accounts or act as impostors.
  • Please do not disclose your children’s school name, bus route, etc.
  • Many social networking websites ask for your information, such as birthdays, email addresses, etc.; sometimes, you share much personal information. So this way, hackers can hack your accounts by using this info, and you can also e-invite many thieves when you share your personal information. Take the following precautions:
  • Always try to set a strong password(s) and change them regularly. Also, never use the same password(s) for multiple websites or accounts.
  • Do not keep easy-to-hack passwords like birthdays or your name, whose information can be easily searched from your social media accounts.
  • Avoid revealing your location.
  • Do not open your social media account(s) from untrusted places, such as cafes, hospitals, and hotels.
  • Do not click on remember password(s) when the same is offered to you by different web browsers.
  • Never post your travel plans and itinerary, and do not mention the exact date/time of your travel.
  • Please do not post your photos while you are still on your trip; instead, post them after you return. The best you can do is to stay offline during any vacation.
  • Clear cache & cookies on your browser(s) regularly.

I am a social media security consultant and an expert on privacy and security on social media.

An Upsurge Is Seen in Social Media Crimes

The augmentation of cybercrimes results in the growing importance of social media forensics for investigators. The following are the most prevalent types of cybercrimes:

  • Hacking
  • Link Baiting
  • Dating Scams
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Photo Morphing
  • Offers and Other Shopping Scams

Social Media Forensics for Investigators

Social media forensics is mostly about finding the source of any electronic evidence(s). This evidence collection and tracing are done in a much-unhampered way that complies with the law. Such evidence(s) usually play a very critical role in the conviction(s) of the suspect(s). Social media forensics for investigators involves the following steps:

  • We collect and collate information about the suspects from social media accounts created on social networking sites or platforms.
  • And then, storing that information,
  • Then, analyzing the data collected and
  • Preserving this data/information for fighting the case(s) in the court of law

I provide expert Social Media Forensics for Investigators

Digital Media Investigations

Cybercrime suspects’ social media accounts and profiles can also have a plethora of information, like their display photos, locations visited, and comments posted on other social media profiles, which can all play a vital role in digital media investigations. The digital media investigations capture the following:

  • Online investigations
  • Smartphone usage analysis
  • Social Media Usage Analysis
  • Digital investigation case reviews
  • Wi-Fi investigation, public as well as private
  • Social media evidence (like photos, posts, messages, comments, IP addresses, etc.)

I am experienced, and I take pride in knowing digital media investigations involving different social media apps so that I can provide you with expert advice on this intriguing domain.

Social Media Analysis

Social media analysis is used to counter cybercrime activities like identity thefts, cyber-attacks, money laundering practices, online frauds, etc.

Thus, collecting, monitoring, and analyzing social media networks are essential for information security. I am a social media security consultant and an expert in social media analysis who can assist you in the best way possible.


After discussing this topic of privacy and security in social media in detail, I hope you will understand its importance and try to achieve the same. You can also hire me as your social media security consultant, as I am experienced in this domain.

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