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Voice Search Consultant

Technology has come a long way! Voice searches are taking over keyboard searches, which are fastidiously adopted by the text. Additionally, it is also in the field of the digital world too. As per research, it is supposed to increase by 30 to 50% by 2020.

Holding this significance in mind, Voice search SEO is all set to dominate the future and capitalizing this can prove to be the best technique for upscaling your business. I am a trained voice search SEO consultant offering advice for optimization, and voice marketing tactics that can take your business to newer heights.

Define Voice Search SEO

To put in simple words, Voice Search SEO is essentially where users speak into devices in comparison to typing them on the keyboard for searching queries.

In a voice search SEO instead of typing the keywords and keyword phrases, they are spoken on the voice app. The audio technology utilizes speech recognition which delivers results with precision to users.

Speech-to-text and voice dialing, as well as modern-day programs such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, are a few examples that use voice search SEO techniques.

Want help with increasing your business? I help in using Voice Search SEO for optimizing your searches based on voice search.

Voice Marketing Tactics

Digitizers around the world consider Voice marketing that is changing the dimension of digital marketing and SEO strategy.

This includes leveraging web-enabled devices that render the option of voice searches and smartphones which has voice search compatibility enabled within. Some of the top used devices include:


Siri by Apple is a popular virtual assistant that utilizes voice search assistance to search for queries. It uses the natural-language user interface for offering answers for questions, performing activities and delegating requests to other internet services.

Google Assistant

A virtual assistant, Google Assistant works on artificial intelligence which is widely used in smart devices and mobile.

Unlike Google Now, Google Assistant uses a two-way conversation technique wherein the users can not only ask questions through voice search but also similarly get answers.

Amazon’s Alexa

A virtual assistant developed by Amazon. It is capable of carrying outperforming several activities through the medium of voice search.

SEO Strategy for Voice Search in Shopping

SEO coins down to the use of keywords that are most used by the users. With the changing trends of eCommerce, Voice search is fastidiously growing as a medium for shopping.

Here is the top impact of Voice search for eCommerce

It is quick

Speaking is faster than typing it on the keyboard. It thus saves time which thereby appeals to customers

Offer frictionless service

We all have faced friction when using certain apps that are inherently built in the device or app.

But with voice search, you are no more required to wait your website load instead of just command with your voice and make most of the work and shopping delightful.

Easy conversion of leads to sales

Voice search through its speed and proficient service has increased the conversion of leads in sales.

Looking for a medium that would assist you to use your Voice search optimization with ease?

Well, you are the right stop. I am a voice search SEO consultant offering proficient services to convert your leads into sales through voice search.

Voice Search Optimization Techniques

Voice Search Optimization entails optimizing content, data, and location to raise the likelihood of finding results. It is used to get instant results and has a greater competition segment in comparison to SEO.

Hence, you can gain only three results on the search and thus if your brand is not on the first then it will be on the last. This makes the search more competitive.

Hence presenting five steps for getting the SEO strategy for voice search in shopping started:

Optimize Your Listing

Optimization of business information is the foremost used voice marketing tactic for gaining accurate results.

Thus, ensure to provide adequate data and business information for users which include enlisting names, addresses, and phone data that are the latest.

Fasten Your Website

Voice Search Optimization calls for a fastened website search as often mobile users are looking for immediate results. This means the average time taken for the landing page to load should be a maximum of 15 seconds and the fastest should be 3 seconds.

Hence, you should optimize it accurately to be on the top results of Voice Engine Optimization rendering results in speed or else you may end up losing out opportunities for your voice search.

Give More Prominence to Questions Instead of Just Keywords

Unlike SEO, VEO concentrates more on questions instead of just keywords. As per research over 40% of users tend to interact with the devices like they are talking to a friend or a human.

And this is what makes optimization and voice search different in comparison to others.

Herein, as a permissible voice marketing tactic includes search using questions instead of simply using keywords. , ,

Furthermore, these coins on the need of using a conversational tone, as well as keyword phrases in the content which will make it easier for you to answer to develop better quality answers.

Using natural language keyword phrases used commonly by the target audience can set your business gauge towards profits.

Provide Optimized Answers

Users often also tend to search for answers using Voice search. Hence using content optimization likewise can help in building higher conversions. Here are a few ways:

  • Develop content for answering questions with a reading level, similar to a school/ college student.
  • Keep updating the content regularly as per the latest changes
  • Speakable Schema Markup questions under the h2 header
  • Answer to questions already present on Google My Business as well as create your own set of questions regarding products and brands to drive conversions.

Test Your Voice Search

Test whether your voice search functions appropriately. Herein:

  • Test on different devices like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc
  • What and how are the results generated
  • How many listings does each device accommodate?
  • Analyze the rankings of self and competitors on common questions.
  • Use my voice search optimization services to enhance your sales and make the business a fruitful experience.


Voice Search SEO is the future of online marketing. Using this to leverage your business can enhance your business needs. Try out my voice search services to be ready for the future, which is voice-based.

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