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YouTube Channel Audit Consultant

YouTube Channel Audit Consultant: Videos are turning people crazy to watch constantly. Moreover, video ads are giving life to the world of digital marketing and social media marketing.

Hence, businesses must inherit the new action plans in the video marketing strategy. Regarding this category, YouTube is the only master of video streaming.

By keeping that in mind, we are profoundly analyzing the marketing grace of YouTube and its tools.

Are you looking to find the rapid growth of your YouTube Channel, Leads, and Revenue?

I offer you our highly result-oriented and strategic YouTube video marketing services. I will conduct an audit of the video footage that you want to utilize.

We will make a complete competitor analysis by researching all the sources that your competitor use.

With the help of videos on YouTube, any business brand can attract a million audiences from which they can find potential customers.

Through my perfect YouTube audit plan, I will reveal what works well and what is not and generate comprehensive business YouTube channel data.

My YouTube Audit Services Answer the below Questions:

What content is the best work, and what is not?
Which keywords drive better engagement?
What will be your channel performance when compared with other competitors?
Which content gains vast attention?
What are the success measurements?
Which type of video content should be created?
What are the best ways to attract customers?
How can brands make sales using YouTube?
What are the best practices your brand should follow?
Is my audience watching videos that are relevant and engaging?
Am I encouraging people to subscribe to my channel?
Is it easy to find what I’m looking for?
Are the video thumbnails captivating and eye-catching?
Do my titles accurately represent the video content in the main field?

YouTube Audit to get real insights into their channel

1. Do they have a consistent theme?
2. Are they using CTAs in their videos?
3. How does the editing flow?
4. Did they achieve their purpose in making the video?
5. How does humor work on YouTube?
6. What is their relationship with subscribers like?
7. Are people liking and commenting on their videos?

YouTube Audit – how to audit your channel

1. How many subscribers do you have?
2. How is .our Subscriber to Views ratio?
3. Are you getting enough comments and likes?
4. How popular are your videos?

Why you should analyze your YouTube Channel

1. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world
2. YouTube is more important than Facebook
3. Youtube SEO is more advanced. Reach out to thousands using keywords
4. Videos take time to recover from mistakes
5. You don’t know what people are watching

If you run a YouTube channel or want to make one soon, this one’s for you.

1. An audit means examining your channel and its health with a microscope.
2. You need to do it to check that you’re on the right track and not wasting time.

I’ve audited thousands of YouTube channels. Here’s what I learned

1. The audience should be your most important metric
2. If your retention rate is 1%, you’re doing something wrong
3. You should be making 10x more lifetime profit compared to the cost of your channel
4. You don’t need 1000 subscribers for a successful channel
5. Overly-masculine thumbnails harm your retention rate

Why any business needs a YouTube Channel Audit?

Hours of video content being uploaded to the YouTube channel every second, the change of the update of the YouTube algorithm, and the trends are critical for any business brand to reach its targeted audience.

A perfect partner is required, so you need to hire us. Our team helps you build the organic YouTube Marketing Strategy that creates audience engagement and customer loyalty and improves the growth of your business.

YouTube content creation is the most valuable source to target the exact audience. To make YouTube the most powerful platform for business, you need to spend time, money, experiment, and perfect strategy. To find all these, reach us.

How can you scale your YouTube channel?

1. Better thumbnails/title
2. Optimize the description
3. Make sure content is related to past videos
4. Connect with your audience using comments and messages

Is your YouTube Channel being watched?

1. Get your channel, Flipboard magazine 2. Hook people with a clear channel description
3. Replace old/dead videos with new versions of the same video
4. Add annotations to let people know what to expect in each video
5. Create good sub-titles so every part of the video is covered

What we offer you through YouTube Channel Audit?

After granting permission to access both Google and YouTube analytics, I will implement a complete YouTube channel audit.

After registering with me for your YouTube channel audit, I will define the details of your business brand and the steps that can best help improve your channel performance.

What’s stopping you from building an excellent YouTube Channel?

I will sketch your business objectives with YouTube and implement the perfect plan to drive the most successful results.

I will generate the YouTube channel audit report that contains all information about your business performance through YouTube.

Your YouTube channel is broken

1. You’re not consistent with the content
2. You don’t have a unique channel style
3. You’re not talking about the right things on your channel
4. Nobody is watching
5. Your videos aren’t getting views
6. Your videos are too long

YouTube Channel Audit Consultant

A perfect YouTube channel audit increases subscribers.
Improves watch time and views.
I can help you optimize the complete video marketing system.
Increments revenue and leads from YouTube channel.
Helps in the growth of your channel and website performance.
Content confusion will be diminished.
The SEO ranking of your YouTube channel and website will be improved.
The time taken for video production and administration will be minimized.

Keyword Analysis and Competitor Research:

At the time of the YouTube Auditing process, I will conduct a complete keyword analysis and competitor research to find new business opportunities using YouTube’s suggested video optimization.

I will provide you with the most relevant keywords that must be included in your video tags, titles, and descriptions, which can create SEO-friendly videos that reach the exact audience you are looking for.

I will fetch reports of demographic questions.

I will suggest the possible content types to place on your channel.

YouTube Channel Optimization and Branding:

The YouTube video thumbnails and channel branding are significant aspects to catch the YouTube algorithm strategy. We optimize your video thumbnails and image-based metadata.

Also, I will provide the content of channel rebranding. In this service, I will include the default video upload settings, community settings, titles, descriptions and tag settings, standard video upload procedures, title screens, end cards, etc.

Implementation and Delivery:

After completing channel research and keyword analysis, our team will deliver the full report of your YouTube marketing audit to review.

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