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Computational Advertising Consultant

Have you ever wondered about the ads in search engines similar to the product you have searched in online shopping sites or things you have left in the cart? Yes, it is the functioning of computational advertising.

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What Is Computational Advertising?

Computational Advertising is a form of digital advertising where your products are sold on a computational basis. This type of ad uses the data to showcase the liked products of the visitor in search engines in the form of ads.

I aim to provide the best computational targeting ads to improve your product’s sales in the digital market.

Techniques for Targeting Relevant Ads

Targeting relevant ads comprises techniques like analysis, finding the advertising keywords, and dealing with a short text in contextual advertising rather than long ones.

Also, it is good to add a short search query and make the ad qualitative for sponsored search.

After creating ads and the time of display, it is more important to rank your ad in the advertising market so that that relevant ad appears on the search engine of the user. I have a quality team who can target your relevant ads using the above techniques.

The Backwards Indifference Derivation Algorithm (BID)

Generally called the auction algorithm is the formula used to optimize the network and sell the products to multiple buyers through specific tools like SEO, keyword mapping, etc.

It follows a bidding process where the highest bidder will receive the best offer for the product.

I provide computational ads using this algorithm as I have experts with vast experience in computational advertising using auction algorithms.

Cross-Domain Recommender Systems

Recommendations on your targeted domain can be made only through these Cross-Domain systems. This domain recommends knowledge sources from the source domain to the targeted environment to boost your product to a high ranking.

Three organs are essential for operating CDRS: the domain system, the overlapping scenario of the user item, and tasking recommendations.

I provide cross-domain recommendation systems-related services, so your targeted ad reaches your client’s search engine.

Content Centered and User-Centered Analysis

Content is the original key to targeting your ad as it plays a catchy role in diverting the client towards your ad. So, you should keep your ad content centered by analyzing the kind of user and his searches.

I provide analytical services on managing your product’s content and the kind of user to make your product viewable on the user’s screens.

Bayesian Probabilistic Matrix Factorization (BPMF)

It is a form of statistical perception and an analytical system where you can strategies the product’s place in the digital platform using specific tools like data imputation, image completion, model-based data recommendations, and filtering the large data sets to facilitate the implementation of the data to the particular client.

In short, it segregates the client’s search accordingly to target relevant ads. I provide these BPMF services to filter your targeted ad from the metadata and rank your product accordingly.

Behavioral Targeting (BT)

It is the source of computational advertising as it follows the user’s search items as their product behaviors and advertises those ads in their search engine pages.

I consider Behavioral Targeting as an initial step for a computational advertising tool and enhance your product mapping on search engines.

Contextual Advertising

This is a digital marketing tool needed to make your product visible on the media and websites. I am an expert with considerable experience in contextual advertising, so your ad appears in the media with greater visibility.

Computational Advertising for Display ads

Display ads are those flash ads we can see on social media or web pages. Display advertising acts as a preface for your brand and boosts your brand on a large scale.

Computational Advertising for Sponsored Search

These ads have been paid by third parties for their ad to appear on sponsored websites like Google ad words. Such ads can be paid-per-click ads in which ads, once clicked and viewed, are produced.

These PPC ads appear as sponsored ads on most websites and YouTube videos.

Other Computational Advertising Tools

Latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) – It is a statistical tool that analyses a web of observations, identifies the unobserved groupings’ similarity, and helps associate a topic to that particular model.

The maximum a posteriori (MAP) takes some empirical data and strategizes the mode of the particular data. The similar data being appeared the maximum times will be segregated and highlighted according to the number of search occurrences.

Multi-Domain Collaborative Filtering (MCF) – As the name suggests, the tool analyses various data of different domains, collaborates similar web searches done by the IP user, and clears up other big data so that the particular product can be highlighted.

Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) – It is a chain of random selecting statistical tools where the targeted distribution will be considered as the equilibrium distribution, simplifying the data from all the random selections to equilibrium and sewers the desired distribution.

Pure strategy Nash Equilibrium (PMF) – This equilibrium condition is used in game theory. In computational advertising, the targeted distribution is created in a different base that is not disturbed by other databases. Still, the tool compares the target base with other such bases and establishes a similarity index.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) – The permission granted to the inventory to allocate space for the particular ad to appear on the websites. Based on the bidding value, the websites give the required space to the bidders to showcase their ads. This is the most critical sector in media advertising and internet marketing.

There are also many other tools like the SCC (Single crossing condition), RMSE (Root mean square error), etc., which can empower computational advertising in the digital market.

I use these tools on a priority basis to ensure the customer gets satisfactory digital marketing services without interruptions.

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