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PPC Audit Consultant

PPC Audit Consultant – Smart Services at Your Disposal!

The digital platform has expanded immensely, assisting businesses in not only reaching the target audience but also helping them gauge their leads. A PPC audit lets marketers know where they stand and how to improve overall. In short, a PPC audit can be defined as analyzing and evaluating the overall performance of campaigns and advertisements on the digital platform.

A PPC audit is essential for businesses to know how their PPC accounts are performing and where the budget is spent. The audit helps understand how well the brands perform, if the message reaches the audience, how it is received, and what areas require improvement. I am a trained PPC audit consultant. I present to businesses and clients the platform to get their digital accounts audited and, in the bargain, touch into areas that require improvements.

Adwords Audit Report

Adwords Audit can be defined as evaluating how effective Adwords has been for your account. Carrying out an Adwords audit can help bring to the fore the hidden aspects and issues that need to be evaluated. Identifying the points can help improve your account’s overall performance and health.

An Adwords audit report looks through the following points:

  • Identifies opportunities to expand the reach
  • Evaluates and analyze each item within the audit to enhance the ongoing process
  • Gaining insight into the target audience
  • Bringing improvements by comparing other similar marketing channels

In short, an Adwords audit report helps run a quick view of your account health about where it was before, now and will be. I offer Adwords audit report-creating services. Contact us directly to know more.

PPC Campaign Audit

PPC campaign audit is one of the essential aspects of gauging where the total budget and spending are getting driven into. Whether it is bringing you profits, leads, or is getting

Conducting a PPC campaign audit touches primarily on three main points viz:

What is wrong with the PPC account?

  • Improvements that need to be made to turn the account profitable
  • Will the said changes help in bringing the expected hike to the report?

Benefits of PPC Campaign Audit:

A PPC campaign audit lays out a lot of advantages. The report generated offers detailed insight into the general areas:

  • Quality Score – The higher the quality score, the more significant the impact on ROI.
  • Spent on money – Where is your money getting spent? Are there enough negative keywords added to prevent the loss?
  • Analyzing Click-through rate
  • Whether you are an active participant in your account or it lies dormant often
  • Does it include long-tail keywords
  • Ad Text Optimization and Landing page optimization.

Looking for help with your PPC audits? I am a trained PPC audit consultant. I offer guidance and recommendations on improving the health of your website and PPC campaigns that can turn your graph in a positive direction.

PPC Ad Account QA

Quality Assurance plays an important role when it comes to advertising. It also plays a large part in running PPC ad campaigns. And thus, whenever new campaigns are created, it is essential to a QA. It helps provide a one-stop destination for building lucrative strategies and ad placement to improve the overall accuracy of the developed campaign.

Benefits of Conducting PPA Ad Account QA

As mentioned, the PPC Ad Account QA runs a quick view of how well the campaigns and ads are performing and whether the ads are getting the desired output.

Apart from these, the other benefits include:

  • It ensures your ad campaigns run smoothly: Quality assurance ensures all the projects are carried out with integrity meeting the set parameters of the budget.
  • Assists in looking across if the ads campaigns are executed with care – Your PPC, in a way, reflects your company’s integrity ho,w well you are using the ideas to implement in your campaigns, and how you try to improvise the strategies to bring in the desired changes.

How to Conduct PPC Ad Account QA?

  • Test the Ad rotation settings.
  • Check the budget delivery and whether all your budgets are spent in one day. If yes, then accelerate delivery settings to maximize profit through traffic.
  • Ensure to check if the search partners are enabled
  • Set budgets that meet the required agenda of your PPC campaign
  • Set your location based on where you want the ads to be visible
  • Check out the keywords used in your campaign and see if the negative keywords are implemented appropriately.
  • Ensure your URLs are not broken to prevent blocking visitors from coming to your page
  • Ensure your bids are appropriate to ensure it is balanced.

PPC CRO Audit & Landing Page Audit

PPC Audit is often conducted in two ways. This includes

1. CRO Audit, i.e., Conversion Rate Optimization
2. Landing Page Audit.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

CRO audit can be defined as the process of converting traffic into actual sales. The PPC audit of CRO enables users to gain insight into where they are lagging and how they maximize their profits by using the tools efficiently. Are you struggling with how to upscale your CRO?

Are you looking for a medium to maximize your return more than spending? As a trained PPC audit consultant, I suggest you measure for optimizing the performance by offering checklists and ideas to help put your CRO in the right place.

Landing Page Audit

PPC Landing Page Audit helps marketers understand how they can improve their sales and leads by boosting the CRO. CRO and landing page are interrelated as both help to look through the account and check how well it performs to convert leads into sales. I provide PPC CRO Audit & Landing Page audit services to turn your PPC activities profitable.


Regular PPC audits are beneficial in the digital era when all significant companies compete online. It helps you know about your account health and
suggests measures for your business. I offer PPC Audit report services, PPC checklist, and other related services. Try out my services and enhance your account health.

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