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Contextual Advertising Consultant

You Don’t Want to Miss the Magic Spelled by a Contextual Advertising Consultant

Contextual Advertising – The Next Big Thing!

It is so exciting to see the ads that are related to the content you put on your website, right? It enhances the market of your content and increases the viewers. Yes, it is due to the contextual advertising formula in which it happens.

Contextual advertising is the process of advertising based upon a specific target of the most searched items or most viewed context. It mostly relies upon mobile browsers as it reaches the audience more, and it would have more chances of getting clicks than the PC browsers.

It is one of the newest forms of digital marketing technologies that can improve the market of the product, and also, it works on the principle of PPC. But it does not rely upon clicks, but it is an automated form of marketing done by the machine learning technologies based upon the market demands.

There is a wide variety of contextual marketing consultants who consults on posting your ads on similar contexts being published. I have extensive experience in providing contextual advertising services without compromising on quality at all.

In-Game Contextual Advertising

We all know that Google AdSense is one of the prime examples of contextual advertising. But when it comes to In-game format, there is a much more comprehensive view. Yes, you would be so amazed to see the ad of the joystick or Sony LED- game TV ads before you start your PS4 game in your home theatre.

That is the best example of In-game contextual advertising. You will also come to see the advertisement of the NFS payback game when you are playing the NFS Most Wanted Black Edition, right?

That is the form of contextual advertising in the game you might see. Who might not be excited to take a look at the promo video of the upcoming CALL OF DUTY version when you are playing the IGI?

Most probably, people love to spend their good part of life in the virtual world, and the gaming software provides them the best choice for the people themselves to get lost in the virtual world.

I am a consultant providing you the best way to advertise your gaming products before and during the game accordingly by particular research on the gaming updates and trends to be set in the gaming world. I have the expertise in predicting the gaming trends and allocate ads accordingly to push your gaming product market upstream.

In-Video Contextual Advertising

You would wonder that you feel cared for when you see the ad of the hair care when you search for the best hair products. It is evident as the contextual advertising AI would predict your YouTube video and attach the haircare ad before and amid the searched video.

This is not only for YouTube videos. Whatever videos you search for in the cloud, you will be assisted with the corresponding ad that is entirely relevant to the content you searched for.

That is how the video contextual advertising works on. A contextual advertising consultant like me plays a vital role in recommending the ads for the video to increase the visibility and to increase product sales by doing individual research and come to a strategy to fix the ads with the corresponding videos.

Native Advertising

You will seldom realize through the Vodafone Ad that it is a British company as they provide ads purely Indian. Yes, the companies create ads according to the nature of the geography to attract more customers.

That is what native advertising is all about. All the ads, including Qatar Airways, providing Indian food and served by the Indian air hostess, etc. belong to native advertising.

It is not a complete illusion as they do provide essential services, but it will be exaggerated through the native ads. Mostly, the native advertising is mistaken for deceptive ads that are created to fool the natives; but, the intention is to create a global presence.

In this cosmopolitan world, the market is considered as one and so the field of digital advertising. I provide the best native advertising services on demand that will make you a qualified competitor in the global market.

Behavioral Advertising

Character and behavior decide one’s worth rather than the looks, right? That is so damn true when it comes to advertising in digital media. You will search for hoods, helmets & bike parts in the eCommerce websites, which induces the AI systems to represent the ads of bike offers, bike parts on discount prices, etc.

So, the AI can fix the behavior pattern of your market needs and push products in ads accordingly. Sometime, you will search for a lovely bracelet for your fiancée, and that is the place where you expand your market needs.

The advertising will be shown not only on eCommerce websites that you go but also on web pages you surf on. This is because your demand is growing, and the AI will assist specific techniques to put all the products in front of your eyes everywhere somewhere online.

I provide the best behavioral advertising services as I study the market strategies & needs, and then locate your ads accordingly.

Benefits of Contextual Targeting

Below are some well-known dimensions of contextual advertising

Filters out irrelevant ads:

It eliminates the redundant and irrelevant ads from your gadgets and offers you a view of necessary and most searched ads on-time every-time. Suppose you have bought a Domino’s pizza a few days before, you will see their ad when you open any other apps or web page. But you will hardly see any other pizza ads on the list.

Securing user Information:

Despite it is using the information of the user to push relevant ads; it protects the user information from others getting misused.


Contextual advertising is a cost-effective and most beneficial form of digital advertising.

Attracts more customers:

Digital advertising, in terms of context, attracts more customers and improve the sales of the product.


Apart from advertising, it is being used as a form of PPC advertising as the website user earns some considerable income due to contextual advertising.

I have a qualitative team that analyses the market trend and creates a proper strategy by recommending your ads to the corresponding ad to improve your product visibility and sales. The technological tools used during these services would be AI tools and Big Data analyzing tools

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