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Digital Advertising Intelligence Consultant

Digital Advertising Intelligence Consultant: What do you feel when you find each bit of information about your competitors, customers, sales opportunities, and business operations in a single pack?

I am the one who is more about to offer such a package. The evolution of new technologies and platforms is having a significant impact on advertising.

The violent competition in modern digital marketing is allowing brands to give unique opportunities for advertisers, who inevitably reach the target audience with the most personalized messages. Our cloud-based advertising intelligence strategy adds new fragrances while your brand promotion takes off.

My advertising strategy helps you gain a competitive edge by launching effective business operations and its benefits from cutting off the BI costs, improving revenue, and delivering an excellent customer experience.

Digital Advertising Intelligence Consultant

Data-driven technologies are compelling business brands to stay up-to-date with the latest tactics and tools. To do all these, you need an experienced and innovative advertising intelligence consultant to call us to reach your business target.

Advertising waste is the most considerable aspect for businesses that spend most of their time and money engaging their customers. An inexperienced team will not win the battle against advertising waste.

A real Performance projects the business outcomes.

What is Digital Advertising Intelligence?

1: Diversify your content strategy
2: Consider investing in Internet marketing to grow your business faster
3: Replicate your successful post content on other platforms
4: Automate your posts when possible

Digital Advertising Intelligence will help you understand your digital advertising campaigns

1: Saves time
2: Helps you tune into signals that matter
3: Shows you the right metrics at the right time
4: Enables predictive modeling by identifying trends in your data

The most important aspect of digital advertising is intelligence.

Intelligence takes bite-sized data & turns it into actionable insights.
For instance, you can track user behavior to optimize your ad campaigns to get more new customers
The best part is that you can easily access this type of intelligence by embedding various signals within your website.

You want more out of digital advertising

1: Track your Instagram or YouTube links
2: Get a free performance tool to grow your business
3: Check the effectiveness of your ads in real-time
4: Get 24-hour alerts on broken links in your ads
5: Compare the performance of all your advertising tactics

Why does your business need my advertising intelligence consulting?

I can help companies deliver the most out of their business, where we offer plenty of on-spot business solutions by using business intelligence technologies and data analytics.

Technology-based intelligence solutions will help launch the data visualization tools to engage your business better.

I am most experienced in delivering robust, flexible, and scalable business solutions for all business sizes. I am also fully knowledgeable of analytics and data visualization tools.

What do you do with your advertising data?

1: You don’t share it or use it
2: You don’t know what to make of the latest data
3: You don’t even know where to find it.

What we think we know about digital advertising and what we need to know

1: Digital advertising drives direct ROI.
2: Digital advertising is a commodity.
3: We don’t fully understand how to measure digital.
4: We’ve just scratched the surface of digital targeting.

Digital Advertising Intelligence Consulting Services:

Advertising Analysis:

I will do environment assessment, consult on business intelligence, gather requirements, design dashboards, and reports, and collect the user-required metrics that help your business performance.

Advertising Optimization:

I will work on fetching the optimization strategies that generate business growth using ETL processes, cloud, and DWH resigning.

Advertising Implementation:

I can deliver the most successful business results by implementing the most workable business plans.

Advertising Reporting System:

I will build the most effective reporting platform, using analytics to generate a complete summary of your current business performance.

A new era of advertising emerged

1: Targeting has gotten so precise
2: You don’t need to be an ad expert to get results
3: Digital Ad Intelligence will help you get more clicks and sales
4: Find out what your competition is doing now
5: Know who’s spending money on digital advertising right now

Do you have solid metrics for your digital advertising?

1: You could be wasting thousands on poor-performing ads
2: You could be losing sales because you’re not targeting correctly
3: Simply being aware of what’s going on helps you get more done
4: Are your numbers causing your publishers to optimize for performance?

Ad Intelligence Is the New Customer Intelligence

1: Data on your clients and prospects can be captured all day via data APIs
2: Digital Advertising intelligence is about aggregating and analyzing this data to predict customer behavior
3: AIDA model for categorization and targeting
4: ARPPU – ‘average revenue per paying user’ can be used as a metric of customer value
5: Companies like Adjust can help you aggregate and analyze your data using their APIs

Advertising Intelligence Objectives:

I can understand your business priorities and vision, and I will sketch your business goals.

Sales Automation using Artificial Intelligence:

I can help you establish automation sales through data-driven platforms to increase your brand’s visibility.

Brand Control and Brand Safety:

Businesses can find the clarity and visibility of programmatic ad buying and ad campaign reporting, which can be better tactics to make the business strategies effective.

Advanced Audience Target:

I will let your brand reach the targeted audiences that drive huge sales.

What are you missing when advertising on social media?

1: Your competition is using it
2: It’s peculiar to your niche
3: It’s better at leading conversions than email
4: It’s what the future of advertising looks like

What will I do?

According to your business standards, we work and apply budget and design optimization strategies. I can offer extreme advertising intelligence factors that can be the activators of your business promotion through ad campaigns. These will let you get to the next level.

Account-based Intelligence:

Here, I will treat the market of the most targeted accounts or profiles as one that promotes your business brand.

Proximity Intelligence:

Motivating prospects that are likely to convert is critical, even though you launch Google AdWords.

Advertising Intelligence Solutions:

All-in-one business sales, business operations, and services to the B2B customers through the establishment of cross-media and data-driven ad campaigns. I will let you reach the multimedia advertising platform to promote your business.

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