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Google Shopping Consultant

Google Shopping: From basic amenities to our most precious possessions, we all are into online shopping for almost anything and everything one can think of! Heck, this is perhaps the undisputed best thing that has ever happened since the era of sliced bread; and we can shop online for that! Isn’t that crazy?

Amidst this comfort, were you ever perplexed while looking for products falling into various labels and brands? This process can become very clumsy while hopping from one eCommerce site to another. This is precisely where digital marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc., and not forget Google Shopping, come in handy.

You are meeting an Expert Google Shopping Consultant!

Google Shopping Specialist

Though Google Shopping is technically not such an online marketplace, it is more of an ad platform of sorts; it does provide online shoppers with the same opportunities to browse through several products online as per their search queries.

In 2002, when it was first released, Google Shopping was known as “Froogle.” This specific service just indexed the data of different products as per their search terms. In 2012, this service shifted to more of a paid-advertising model, wherein the retailers were to pay the amount for featuring in the search results of Google Shopping.

From this point onwards, Google Shopping became the “branch” of Google Adwords. However, compared to Google ads, which are primarily text-based, and show up based on keywords, Google shopping useusesta, which various merchants have uploaded for displaying their ads.

Google Shopping even advantages the retailers as, when the shoppers click on some products’ links, they are sent back to the retailers’ sites to make the purchases.

So, the point here is that if you are into selling something, and if you are not using Google Shopping to advertise your products, you are missing out on quite a lot of profit! Think about this and avail yourself of my services soon if you do not want to lag in this race of online sales!

Google Merchant Center Specialist

It is effortless to set up the Google Merchant Center, and it is also straightforward to navigate. Moreover, Google Merchant Center provides a home base for all your products and information about those products.

You will be amazed to know that you will be managing all of your future campaigns of Google Shopping through Google Ads.

I am a Google Merchant Center Specialist, providing you with expert services, which you can avail yourself of to gain more knowledge about creating and managing your account.

Google Shopping Specialist

Google Shopping makes use of the product feeds of the uploaded products for indexing the search results; however, it also pulls out the images that are featured from their respective retail websites as well; and due to this, it becomes highly significant for a business owner to optimize their products’ imageries as well as listings on their websites before marketing the products on the Google Shopping platform.

This is a thoroughly visual experience, and your products’ images are undeniably the most significant part of this listing. This might be the only way shoppers will select your products and purchase them eventually, and Google knows about this aspect very well; to provide users with an excellent shopping experience, Google will deny those shopping campaigns with low-quality images.

I am a Google Shopping Specialist, offering you my services in this domain; you can avail of my services to harbor maximum returns for your business.

Google Merchant Expert

I am a noted Google merchant expert who can provide quality services. The clients have been hiring me not just for my knowledge about connecting their products to the Google Merchant and not just for setting up their Shopping Campaigns in Adwords but also for my experience with varied eCommerce Merchants for years and years.

This has led me to fathom this process to a much higher degree; thus, it is your benefit if you hire me for your service.

Google Shopping Audits

I am an experienced Google Shopping Audits; don’t wait to avail yourself of my intelligent services. Google Shopping Audits that I do are performed well as I am a professional technician with much experience in this field.

I have registered the fact very well that this is a highly competitive industry, so I need to be very sharp with my account management.

I follow a very systematic methodology and approach in my analysis, thus examining the central regions for your Google Ads and your Merchant center account(s), thus deciphering your remarkable strengths, your weaknesses, and the areas where improvements can be made in your Google Shopping.

Google Shopping Ads Assistance

It would be best if you campaigned for the shopping ads in Google Ads to advertise your products there. These shopping campaigns in Google, in a way, allow you to manage your ads, organize them, and optimize your Shopping ads.

These shopping campaigns assist in product promotion by providing users with detailed info about the products you sell before they click their ads.

I am a noted Google Shopping consultant; I can provide much-needed Google Shopping Ads Assistance.

Need the Services of a Google Shopping Consultant? Hire Me!

I am a Google shopping consultant; I am good at empowering brands to augment their revenues through efficient Google Shopping campaign(s).

I help businesses navigate the ever-evolving complexities of Google Shopping, from campaigns’ automation & product feeds to bid management and ongoing optimization.

My consulting engagement is such that you can customize it to your specific requirements, from strategic recommendations to full-fledged Google campaign management. You can tell me about your business challenges, and I will recommend the best solutions possible.

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