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Top Instagram Growth Strategies of 2023

Top Instagram Growth Strategies Of 2023

Top Instagram Growth Strategies: Daily more than 200 million Instagram users are visiting one business profile at least. Instagram is an everlasting trend in the field of digital marketing. While comparing other social media platforms, Instagram is the audience’s favorite social media platform.

Now it has become each business promotion platform that keeps the real-time audience engagement along with the conversions.

From the post itself, it is letting the audience buying the products of any business. In the same way, find Instagram followers and engage them consistently is difficult as we all think.

Do you want to enhance the Instagram business growth? You should focus on the below-mentioned Instagram growth strategies.

Instagram Growth Strategies

Post at your best times:

Uploading the posts at the right time can grab the audience engagement than normal hours.

Use your analytics:

Get the Instagram Business Analytics to estimate the campaign performance that holds the conversions.

Engage your fans:

Collaborate with the influencers of the same niche and feature them on your profile to get the attention of your followers.

Max out your hashtag usage:

The hashtag is the most trending strategy on Instagram to reach a new audience.

Study and use quality hashtags:

Not all hashtags have the same preference; try to get the most effective high-quality hashtags.

Share user-generated content:

User-generated content is the wide-spreading medium for the business to drive real-time audience engagement.

Collaborate with others:

Partnering with other brands and celebrities is another aspect to hold a lasting brand reputation.

Host contests:

Set up the contest that influences the followers or Instagram users to take action of what you say.

Develop and perfect your hashtag strategy:

Adding hashtags should be defined from the strategy of picking the most effective and relevant content.

Diversify your content-type:

Brand out the content type that shows that you are a unique selling unit for the audience that they are looking for.

Note that early Insta engagement is lasting engagement:

Don’t be much excited to stick to find the early posting engagement as it is temporary.

After posting each post, follow, comment, and like for each people reaction:

Be responsive on considering the comments, likes, follow, etc., to hype the brand intention of preferring fans.

Try to tag other accounts and locations in your posts:

Adding the locations and tags can let you find the local business engagement as they are more efficient in influencing the local customers.

Make use of the tools:

There are several Instagram marketing tools available in the market but choosing the right is one to reach your target.


Create a campaign that should be shared by the followers but not being controversial.

Consistency is key:

Posting the content for particular time intervals is essential, but don’t let the audience be bored with messy posts.

Invest huge in content production:

Focus on content production to find the brand growth at your fingertips.

Run promotions:

Get the feature of a sponsored ad campaign to reach the global audience.

Promote cross-platform:

Share the Instagram posts of your business on other social media platforms.

Share the wealth with influencers:

Let your partnered influencers share content on their profile as they are the most trusted option for the customers.

Increase engagement time:

Make use of Instagram IGTV to find more engagement of the audience.

Tell stories instead:

Elevate your brand success and failure stories that show the huge impact on the audience to visit your website.

Build a strong brand:

The creation of business trust in the audience can build the brand reputation that finds sales.

Deliver visually effective content on Instagram feed:

Create and share the most effective content that can let you find massive audience engagement.

Choose the right hashtags:

Choose the content-relevant hashtags to engage the right audience who can be your potential customers.

Create a branded hashtag:

The creation of branded hashtags has more chances of being notified by the audience quickly.

Enhance the Instagram video formats:

Make use of Instagram Reels and IGTV to influence your audience to spend more hours.

Make use of Instagram video closed captions and video subtitles:

Add powerful video titles and closed captions that can let the audience find what they are searching for.

Embrace Instagram AR filters:

To add the visual effect to your uploading content then you can use the Instagram AR filters.

Give GIFs a chance:

Build the GIFs to elevate your brand in all ways of marketing your business.

Improve the website traffic using the Instagram traffic:

Let the Instagram audience traffic reach your business website that can drive conversions.

Use SEO to ‘win’ Instagram:

Launch the SEO effective strategies to gain the Instagram Audience that reaches a huge audience.

Collaborate with micro-influencers for the creation of brand authenticity:

Get the micro-influencers to feature your content to get the local brand authority.

Convert the Instagram followers into email subscriptions:

Make the Instagram followers be your email subscriptions to get the contact information.

Add link in the Instagram Stories:

Adding the website that contains links in the Instagram Stories is the added benefit of driving the huge traffic.

Effective usage of emojis:

Try to add the most powerful emojis to convince your audience as they are pretending to be the most effective form.

Focus on engaging the new account:

Make the normal account to Instagram business account to trace the performance insights.

Fill out your profile page completely:

Make sure to add the complete details of your Instagram business profile that displays your brand details.

Before your initial post, tell Instagram who you are:

Let Instagram know about your business that what you are going to do with your products or services.

Make sure you stay in your lane:

Try to be within your business boundaries to look after your business tasks that you are performing well.

Concentrate on your Instagram content:

Focus on delivering the creative business content that finds global attention.

Produce “scroll stopping” content:

The content you upload must not go under the darkroom of scrolling on the feed of your Instagram profile.

Include CTAs:

Add CTAs to let the audience be part of the action while watching your business content.

Know the best performing content:

Identify the top-performing business content that can make you think about the craving content.

Try videos, live videos, and Stories:

Launch the live video sessions and stories to hype your brand to the global audience.

Find followers by teasing with your post instead of likes:

Always focus on touching the audience with the content performance instead of post likes.

Keep an eye on comments as Insta values the audience conversation:

Audience conversation is the most impactful aspect in Instagram to get noticed by Instagram.


Instagram is all about engaging the audience with the help of eye-catching content. Instagram, as a single platform, allows businesses to engage in multiple ways like using image and video content. Another tip to remember is collaborating with the influencers on Instagram to find potential customers for your brand.

Kiran Voleti

Kiran Voleti is an Entrepreneur , Digital Marketing Consultant , Social Media Strategist , Internet Marketing Consultant, Creative Designer and Growth Hacker.

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