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Product Intelligence Consultant

A progressive business will always keep an eye on its competitors. Again, this is a vast subject known as ‘Competitive Intelligence.’ Understanding the competition around is not a matter of joke.

It needs expertise in developing insights through introspection and in-depth research of the competition space that suffocates your business.

Meeting a Product Intelligence Consultant Would Be a Good Move!

Intelligence = Insight + Information

Gathering information is one thing, but if it’s meaningful and helps create a foresight for your business, then only the process can be termed intellectual development.

In short, Intelligence is the amalgamation of information and insight. The latter is particularly important in increasing the market space of your digital business.

While the digital world is beaming with opportunities, so is the increase in insecurity measures. If you become complacent as a business owner at any point, your dreams might land nowhere.

Competitive Intelligence is a broader approach to educating oneself about the customers, competitors, distributors, technologies, and summable macroeconomic data.

Product Competitive Intelligence Consulting

If you are into ‘Competition analyses,’ you must be aware of the four P’s in marketing (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place) and the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats).

Without this framework, analyzing a ‘competition’ becomes difficult. One feels lost. However, these determinants only fragment complex situations into simpler ones for your intelligence to deal with.

Cases become more straightforward, and there’s a foundation on which you can build up following your ‘Competitive Intelligence.’ Here, it becomes vital to mention that I am an expert in this domain and proudly proclaim myself to be a ‘Product Intelligence Consultant.’

My services will benefit your business in beating the competition and developing a vision.

Product Performance Benchmark Consulting

Every business has a product or a service or maybe both. Here, when we assess the performance of the product that your business has developed, we mean we are gauging its footing in the market space.

How viable is it in comparison to its counterparts, or where do the loopholes lie that keep your product from being the best? These are a few intriguing approaches that a Product Intelligence Consultant might take up.

Analyzing the product’s performance is much different than researching your competition in the business world. Your competitor might have other analogies, following which their business performance is flourishing.

But, we delve into the technical differences between products on product scores. Being a Product Intelligence Consultant myself, through my years of experience, I can chalk out a four-point approach for beginners,

  • Thoroughly understand the current best industrial practices. A detailed and intensive study is a must!
  • Analyze the process of product development and creation on your client’s side.
  • Compare and sort out differences in the methodologies and products of other companies in the same industry.
  • Once you gather insightful information, adopt the best practices that you learned.
  • It’s not a matter of a joke. Taken seriously, product research can happen only after an individual is seasoned for that. I proudly proclaim myself as an expert in this field and am ready to share my bountiful knowledge and guidance to evolve your business units into actual, mature forms.

Analyzing Your Competitor’s Product Roadmap

To beat your competition and emerge as a true market leader, your business needs to understand its placement in terms of strategies, evaluation, and progress.

There will be occasions when your competitor surpasses you from under your nose, even after you have fully defended yourself. So, here as a business owner, you need to refine the analysis of competition through these few simple steps,

The point is the excellent competition. Several players will be in the market, but not all are a threat to your business, so identifying and pinpointing the absolute ones is necessary.

Include the aspects which are worth analyzing in your competition. Gather information in a meaningful manner, so your research doesn’t go haywire.

Finally, the results should be helpful enough to develop your business interests. Do not forget your aim to be the market scavenger.

As an experienced Product Intelligence Consultant, I wish to extend my valuable services towards your gain and create a secure business position in this competitive world.

Digging Your Competitor’s A/B Tests

The global leader in brand strategy consulting, advertising development, optimization, etc., known as Millward Brown, has quite rightly surveyed that 70% of businesses are not aware of their competitor’s conversion rates, and strangely, 53% of companies plan to increase their budget for optimization in almost a year.

A/B testing, also known as ‘Split testing,’ compares two versions of a webpage, emails, and other marketing assets while measuring the difference in performance. Does this confuse you?

Then do not worry, as I am here. Introducing myself as an expert here, you can confidently dig into your competitor’s A/B tests and fish out helpful information for your business in the long run.

Analyze Market Trends Before Entering the Market

This is an essential procedure before any business intends to set foot into a workable market. Two vital parameters should be taken care of or inspected in the digital world.

The first consideration is your brand, your ‘baby,’ and the second is watchful towards your competitors. Thorough market research includes studying the consumers, their needs, and ‘lookouts.’

Where can your product fit in to provide for the market demand?

How can you position yourself as a growing brand for people to see?

Several areas of findings finally lead to meaningful business decisions. Remember, your task becomes easy if there’s a need, but it must be created if it is lacking.

Discover New Opportunities for Your Product Map

Once you are sure of your deliverables and the product or service your business envisages, you should delineate a road map for driving through the market. This roadmap shouldn’t be a rigid one. Rather a flexible and adaptive approach to the dynamic and active changes in the market can nail your competitors down.

A road map doesn’t involve your course but rather improvisations, amendments, and up-scaling of your products and services repeatedly, accruing to changing market demands, is known as mapping.

The process is continuous and tedious but yielding. A forward-thinking digital expert will always endorse an enduring road map rather than a definitive one. A road map is temporary and is subjected to tremendous upheavals owing to market pressure. So, gear up for the same and own up to your success.

Visualize How Your Product Market Fits Up Against Your Competitors

The appropriate fitment and placement of your product are primary to any business research. Developing the product well isn’t enough; if the consumers don’t need it, you are gone for a toss. According to Paul Graham, most businesses waste their energy solving problems that never existed in the first place. Instead of focusing on,

  • Ignorant customers who need awareness regarding your product
  • Word of mouth and social media presence
  • Sales cycles and long repetitive ones
  • Most digital businesses whimper, thinking that whatever they make will sell. Such complacency is detrimental to any business purpose. Constant internal and external up-gradation and connecting with the consumers are essential.
  • Increase user engagement with digital experience and digital automation

You are misplaced here if you think your business strategies will drive the market or veer the latter to your fruition. Consumers are only capable of the significant shifts happening in the digital market forum.

With the changing behavioral patterns and savvy interests, customers expect businesses to conform, which steers change.

Companies that are magnetic catch through the same and get to the pulse of their buyers; hence their market presence is saved. Else, some players could never see the sunrise after a dip.


Seemingly, these difficulties might drag you back as an emerging entrepreneur, but trust me, with an ace dealer by your side, you can sail through any storm with diffidence. I am a Product Intelligence Consultant with profound knowledge and enriching experience up my sleeves.

I am here to extend my hand for a long-term association with clients like you to benefit and uplift your business dreams. It will be my ultimate pleasure to serve you to the best of my capabilities.

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