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Product Launch Consultant

Product Launch Consultant: Are you planning to blow your new products to the market? AWE! Good news, but how to bam your brand in the global market? What are you going to hit in the reality of product launch marketing?

“Nobody will read the ads unless your product content interests them.”

A billion companies are spending time and bucks to launch the exact product you start.

Only a few brands are gaining cuscustomer’stention to buy that product.

New Product Launch Strategy Consultant

This is the era of product launch marketing innovation where anyone should exceed competitors’ promotional strategies, and most businesses are not touching the peak revenue with the blockbusters.

I am built with experience, and my interest in learning through marketing research has driven client-required results where the implementation and execution of industry-oriented product launch strategies applied in different marketing fields– digital marketing, retailing, distribution, market research, etc.

While working with giant organizations in Advertising, Lifestyle, IT, etc., each consultant has some specific measures; I had the client dedicate a house team where they have experienced hands-on tackling the particular areas of marketing and driving successful results.

If you’re launching a product this new year

1. You need to byou’reeul of a good content strategy
2. Build great promo material and graphics
3. Launch with a blogger or influencer giveaway
4. Segment your audience with your different launch dates and times
5. Share on ALL channels

You’re launching a product, here are some things you should You’re

1. Know your target audience
2. Make the product irresistible to them
3. Create urgency by making it scarce for some time
4. Create content showing people using and loving the product
5. Write a killer blog post detailing how you created it

Throughout my consulting experience, I tackled several challenging projects, all instructed to find the potential of business brands at the multiple stages of the life cycle, including a  phasedeclining phase and concept to market. For me, each project is a rich learning source that can be an unbeatable opportunity to add brand value.

A product launch strategy can make or break your business

1. Build up social proof first
2. Send your existing customers a discount code
3. Email influencers about your product launch
4. add urgency to your product launch by setting a deadline

Product launches are critical for growth

1. Figuring out which products to launch next
2. When and where to launch
3. Launching in a way that generates sales and reviews
4. The right type of customer/subscriber list for product launches
5. Building a fanbase before the launch so you can market it virally afterward

How to Plan a Successful Digital Product Launch

Stand on the market’s competitive edge with my most customized strategic approaches to brand and launch the products.

I offer an exclusive product launch marketing service that is more than one size fits all methodology through developing new product launch strategies for many companies.

I deliver comprehensive customer insights through keen market research on scientific data. Moreover, I integrate the complete collection of this data into your new product launching and branding marketing plan.
Nothing inspires me other than creating the most impactful product launch that will strike each one to talk about it in the industry.

Help you with marketing strategies, product launch, and product roadmap:

Do you need assistance marketing your product launch, improving sales, and creating exclusive product marketing strategies? Do you want to get experts in reviewing your products in the market?
Several companies, inventors, and entrepreneurs collaborated with us to kickstart product launches in the beginning steps and find sales growth.

Account Based Marketing

5 product launch strategies for busy entrepreneurs

1. Plan your launch as your life depends on it.
2. Target a very narrow niche with your launch
3. Test something unique or exclusive to your niche audience
4. Create a reason to promote yourself
5. Find an influencer in your niche to feature you

Are you launching a product soon? Here are things to consider

  • Make sure your product is original
  • Consider whether anyone needs your product
  • Map out a marketing and lead generation plan
  • Get feedback early, often, and from where it’s expected
  • Don’t take too long to launch your product
  • Hire people who are better than you itself. You don’t launcDon’tnch with as many partners as possible.

Product And Company Launch Consulting Services

How can I help you if…

• Creating a sense of urgency.

• Sharing your blog content on multiple social media platforms.

• Establishing a solid relationship with powerful influencers.

• Creation of pre-launching web page.

• We are expanding email lists.

• Generation of sneak peeks.

• YouTube channel optimization and creation of video content.

• Guest blogging to gain other audiences.

• Using the email signature.

• Exploring what users will benefit from your business products.

• Establishing the party atmosphere around the product launch.

• Countdown strategy to create a sense of urgency.

• Considering the scarcity approach.

• Building the slide show.

• Launching the events ahead of product launch.

• CPA or CPC marketing.

• Crowdfunding.

• Make use of Beta testers when you launch SaaS products.

Product Launch Marketing Strategy Services & Consulting

What to expect with my Product Launch Consulting?

From a marketer’s perspective, I explore your business product launch marketing by implementing strategic recommendations on increasing the product launch performance and recognizing the critical areas of development.

Partnering with me helps you execute and establish the launch process, positioning, identifying the consumer buying behavior, promotion strategy, social media promotion strategy, communication, the relation of public and analysts, content strategy, sales support, pricing, and lead generation, etc. that includes all the aspects.

I carefully analyze your assets to take off your product launch promotion that reaches the relevant audience and find the product sales.

Successful strategic approach product launch from start to finish:


Build potential buyers through the delivery of test marketing messages and ad campaigns. Furthermore, launching the pre-launch videos on your YouTube channel that hype your brand at the millions.


Get the media coverage to showcase your product launch event, discuss the different forums, share sales conversion tips, listening threats, etc.


We are measuring the product sales growth impact, analyzing the sales conversion through multiple social media channels and ad networks, conducting surveys for customer satisfaction, and getting feedback.

Research on your target customers is my priority:

The execution of a perfect marketing approach to positioning your business products. The value-added sources to target your audience will be implemented that helps in resonating with your product launch globally.
They reach the different product distribution channels that match to engage your relevant audience—analyzing the customer behavior, whether they will make an online purchase or visit the store.

Analysis of customer income demographics to target an over-income base. Is your product being treated by customers as too expensive?

What changes can you add to your product price tag to impress customers? Which are the most trending and audience-engagement social media platforms to showcase your business products?

You are analyzing the resources to find creative content that helps eye-catch your audience. What are your audience’s target emotions linked to your product promotion?

Become a global leader:

Delivering the perfect and powerful message to the audience is the captivating way in the present marketing. Collaboration with me lets you can find the most innovative product marketing strategies.

What is the truth behind setting me apart from the rest of the consultants? Is speaking to your potential customer’s requirements, doubts, and pain points where you are lacking in reaching their expectations? My backgrocustomer’sling with several giant companies as a marketing scientist has let me conduct an in-depth analysis of the customers.

My prior results in working with the companies will showcase my excellence in product launch marketing for many companies that relies on sales growth driven by the integration of the proper marketing methods in the right way.

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