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YouTube SEO Consultant

YouTube SEO Consultant: The digital platform is a sporadic space that offers vast opportunities for getting ahead of contemporaries. YouTube, to begin with, is the second-largest search engine that garners maximum traffic.

YouTube SEO Expert

Herein, while Google remains a top priority in gauging traffic and SEO, people fail to see the potential of YouTube as a platform for garnering traffic. As per studies, YouTube presents a higher possibility of collecting traffic than Yahoo or Bing, with an average of 10% of total traffic on the internet.

Thus, hiring a YouTube SEO expert for guidance and assistance can turn the tables in your favor if you wish to upscale your reach to the audience.

I am a YouTube SEO Consultant. I allow businesses to leverage this medium and enjoy the benefits of this social media platform to bring in more traffic and lead to higher conversions.

Best Ways of Doing YouTube SEO – Hire a YouTube SEO Consultant for Best Results!

Essentials for Conducting YouTube SEO

One of the top video surfing platforms, many factors must be considered before beginning SEO optimization.

These can be divided into two categories viz:

  • The Video Content
  • User Engagement

Compared to Google, the YouTube search engine cannot gauge whether keywords are added to the video. Thus, one would hardly know if the footage consists of relevant tags one is looking out for. Therefore, SEO for YouTube comprises uncontrolled factors by the publisher and still how to bring in user engagement.

YouTube Video SEO & Marketing Expert

Let’s begin by highlighting what makes YouTube Video SEO a vital aspect. For this, we need to consider specific facts, including knowing that Google is the world’s largest search engine, which amounts to over 67% of total searches.

On the other hand, YouTube is the second largest search engine platform owned by Google, and Google returns 91 % of videos for YouTube.

In short, Google promotes its product vigorously on the platform, which makes understanding search engines vital.

While a simple picture has the potential of uttering 1000 words, videos can, in that sense, speak a million words! This has reasoned more and more businesses to turn towards YouTube Marketing services to spike sales.

The right kind of YouTube Video SEO can help the content reach the right audience.

The benefits include:

  • Raise in subscribers
  • Increase in the number of views
  • Increase in likes and comments
  • Increase in engagement with posts

I am a YouTube Video SEO & Marketing Expert. I offer clients assistance and guidance to boost sales using appropriate marketing and SEO tools.

How to Do YouTube SEO?

There are many factors required to conduct YouTube Video SEO. These are:

1. Identifying keywords:

List the relevant keywords that will enable users to understand what the video conveys.

2. Create a title name that includes targeting specific keywords:

After you have identified the content-specific keyword, the next step is utilizing it in the title, which is the first thing that falls in the eye of the audience.

3. Insert the keyword in the title of the video:

The title is the first thing that falls into the eye of the audience during the search. It is something that catches the attention of the viewer that determines whether one will watch the video or not. Thus, adding the keyword will help to make the video more compelling and concise.

4. Optimization of video description:

The character limit for the YouTube description is only 1000 characters. However, only the first 100 characters will be visible, after which the user must click on show more.

Hence it is recommended to load the essential element of the description, like the links and CTAs, in the first 100 characters.

Insert and tag videos surrounding similar keywords: There is no harm in letting your viewers acquaint themselves with other related videos that have the same content. This is done by tagging videos enclosing the keywords.

5. Categorization of the video:

After uploading the video, categorize it under the ‘Advanced settings panel. Select a category for a group in similar videos. This will help gain greater exposure and generate more viewers for the page.

6. Customized thumbnail for the video’s result link:

Another aspect that garners maximum attention from the viewers other than the title is the thumbnail. Not only does the title, but the thumbnail also impacts the number of views on receives on the videos.

While one can use the default thumbnail, too, uploading a custom thumbnail will help pique the users’ curiosity about SRT files to add subtitles and closed captions:

Subtitles and closed captions also can boost YouTube SEO by highlighting relevant keywords. The user must upload a file supporting text transcript and timed subtitles to do so.

8. Increase viewership by adding cards and end screens:

You might have often encountered a season in the center, corner, or translucent bar asking you to subscribe to the video. This help promote the brand so that users are not oblivious to the other videos.

I offer YouTube SEO assistance. Try out my services to learn how to do YouTube SEO.

YouTube Search Engine Optimization Consultant

How often does it happen that you cannot zero in on the video you are looking for amidst the uploaded videos?

This is where YouTube Search Engine Optimization comes into the picture. SEO is a fastidiously changing practice designed to rank content high on search engines. It is a necessary tool for attracting more traffic and growing followers.

YouTube Search Engine Optimization is optimizing your channel’s content, including descriptions, metadata, playlists, and videos.

This optimization can be carried out both within and outside of YouTube. As a YouTube SEO consultant, I offer YouTube SEO Services to clients helping them strategize and apply the tools accordingly to boost their videos to higher search ranks.


The primary component of YouTube SEO is harnessing the video’s text in the form of subtitles, closed captions, and transcripts.

Try out my YouTube SEO Services and earn your video’s highest profits.

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