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Chatbot Marketing Consultant

Buyers & consumers do not have the time today for all this any longer, and the above statistics show this precisely! B2B buying processes have almost become cold, totally impersonal, and a lot more throbbing for the buyers than they need to be! What’s the fix in this case, then?

Making businesses feel personal again is the need of the hour. Thus conversational marketing! It builds relationships and creates genuine experiences with consumers & buyers alike.

Conversational marketing is the fastest way available today to move buyers through business marketing and sales funnels using the power of real-time authentic conversations. I am a conversational marketing consultant; avail yourself of my avant-garde services.

Just 43 percent of people tend to answer cold calls!

The registered rate, on average, of opening emails has fallen dramatically to only 20 percent!

The noted average conversion rate for landing pages is just 2.35 percent!

Conversational Marketing Consultant Is the Need of the Hour!

Online communications are changing drastically with each passing day. Today, the demand worldwide is for authentic conversations online as users expect more personal experiences over the web.

This indeed cannot be gathered using conventional digital forms and traditional follow-ups. Thus the importance of conversational marketing in today’s more personal online world.

Thus, a much-needed strategy provides the users with some personalized value that they expect to receive. That allows scaling up businesses while simultaneously saving effort, time, and organizational resources.

Conversational marketing uses live chats, chatbots, and social monitoring to foster authentic conversations online to build real digital relationships.

I am a conversational marketing consultant. Our first-rate conversational marketing services can help take your business to new heights.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is when repetitive tasks like sending emails, posting social media posts, and other website actions are automated. Multiple tools are available for marketing automation.

My specialty is helping brands implement intricate marketing automation projects that increase conversion rates and boost customer loyalty.

This includes everything from augmenting your website’s newsletter subscriptions to intricate event-triggered communication across emails, texts, in-app notifications, etc.

I have a profound knowledge of marketing automation; you can use my services to reap the fruits of success in the digital world.

Chatbot Marketing Consultant

Rather than compelling the users to run through the lead-capture online forms and then wait for days & days to get the responses, conversational marketing makes use of targeted messaging along with super-intelligent chatbots, which engage with your online users when they land on your web pages or websites; this makes it easier for the users to engage purposefully with your brand/business, which will help your business to convert more of the right kind of leads at a much faster rate.

This would mean happy customers and happier brands! I have experience in chatbot marketing and can guide you in finding the best ways to raise your growth curve in the digital world.

Marketing System Integrations

The no. of marketing tools appears to grow with each passing day; thus, keeping everything in tune is gradually becoming very tough.

Also, as there is still no such ‘holy grail’ of these marketing tools that do all the tasks perfectly, I knit together all the ‘best-in-class’ marketing tools for my clients.

I am a conversational marketing consultant. I know a lot about marketing system integrations and can help you bring your business into the profit arena.

Types of Conversational Marketing Consulting

Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, Facebook, Live Chat, Drift, Telegram, Intercom, Email, Slack, SMS, Discourse, etc. The list is exuberant! So, there are many ways by which consumers can engage with your business/brand; this list is growing daily and doesn’t seem to slow down even a bit.

There is no need to push your clients/customers/consumers into using any specific channel; let them use the media they prefer for engaging with your business/brand. Following are the types of conversational marketing:

Email Marketing:

This is perhaps the most obvious form of conversational marketing and should never be overlooked. Purely bombarding your whole database with inactive email marketing campaigns that boast about your products and services does not qualify as conversational marketing.

Nevertheless, there are some ways by which you can incorporate emails into your strategies for conversational marketing. Say, for example, you can email specific segments of your email database (interesting ones only) about some survey that asks them to recognize their most significant pain points in their businesses or their top priorities for the coming year, etc. You can use this information thus gathered to inform your next marketing campaign set.

Customer Support (Live):

It is a common thought that customer support is a department separate from marketing; however, this is not so; all of the customer-facing roles are principally the marketers and brand advocates for your organization.

Suppose your business’ customer support is not that satisfactory. In that case, your organization is bound to suffer as this happens to be the most fundamental aspect of any conversational marketing strategy.

Popular brands that value their clients and consumers provide support through various channels, including a 24-hour helpline, in-app chat, designated support account(s) for Twitter, and live help functionalities.

Customers’ Success:

The customer success program is yet another significant aspect of conversational marketing. Businesses can employ designated managers for this process, which will help ensure the success of their solutions.

If the customers are left on their own after passing the point of sale, then there are chances that users struggle while using your tools and services, which mars user adoption of your solutions.

So, customer success must be taken very seriously. You should ensure that your customers fully use your products to boost the adoption of your solutions. This will help increase your renewal chances and thus lead to business success in the longer run.

Consumer Loyalty Programs:

It is good to introduce some programs wherein loyal customers, who tend to renew their contracts with your company, are rewarded; this can help build strong relationships with your loyal customers.

So, these were the types of conversational marketing. I am an experienced conversational marketing consultant; avail my avant-garde services.

To Conclude

I am a conversational marketing consultant, ensuring holistic web performance for your organization. My motto is to make your business perform well at all the stages of your online customers’ journey. I provide you with a myriad of services to help your brand connect better with your consumers digitally; my range includes building bespoke marketing apps and system integrations. I will help you deliver fantastic user experiences.

Call: 91 9848321284

Email: [email protected]

How do you market a chatbot?

Build a chatbot for chat apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Telegram to answer FAQs that help customer orders of products or services that lessen the efforts on customer support and sales team.

How do I start a chatbot business?

Find the best channel, analysis on bot audience, execute NLP and AI, add functions, market chatbot, and optimize strategies.

What is the best chatbot?

Watson Assistant, Manychat, Bold360, SnatchBot, LivePerson, etc. are the best chatbots.

Do I need a chatbot?

The chatbots, like virtual agents, show a significant impact on customer experience and company growth. It is necessary to have chatbots.

What is a chatbot example?

Disney, while engaging the younger audiences by using the technology where it features the character chatbot from the animated movie crime caper Zootopia.

How do you write a chatbot script?

Find business objectives, clear framework, consistent, responsive, strong, and being natural is essential to write a chatbot script.

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