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With their deep understanding of the gaming industry and target audience, a game marketing consultant can help businesses develop effective community management strategies to build and maintain a loyal player base. They can provide guidance on how to engage with players, gather feedback, and manage online communities to foster positive relationships and drive long-term player retention.

Game Marketing Consultant

A solid marketing strategy is essential to stand out and succeed in today’s highly competitive gaming industry. A game marketing consultant can provide valuable expertise and guidance to help businesses effectively promote their games and reach their target audience.
A game marketing consultant can help businesses identify their unique selling points and craft compelling marketing messages that resonate with their target audience. They can also guide you in selecting the proper marketing channels, such as social media, influencer marketing, and online advertising, to maximize reach and engagement.
In addition, a game marketing consultant can offer valuable insights into industry trends and best practices, helping businesses stay ahead of the competition and navigate the rapidly evolving gaming landscape. They can also provide support with marketing analytics and measurement, enabling companies to track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and optimize their strategies over time.
A game marketing consultant can be a valuable partner for businesses looking to succeed in the gaming industry. With their strategic guidance and support, companies can maximize their marketing efforts, connect with their target audience, and achieve their business goals.

Game Marketing Consultant: Game development is a creative and technical challenge, not to mention an extremely competitive field where USP is a term as vague as a horoscope! Plus, every day, new niches are developing in the gaming industry that are just as capitulating as their predecessors, like Mobile Gaming, Social Gaming, and a mix and match of the both, not to mention an insane number of portable gaming devices that are sending Ms.PacMan to her fossilized stardom.

Game Marketing Consultant

Game Marketing is a complex and evolving business tactic, thanks to the changing landscape of good digital markets.

I (Kiran Voleti) have been a digital marketer for over seven years. Someone who personally brought several game vendors and games to the number one position in their respective markets is the best person you can consult with if you need to introduce your game to the gamer communities or make your game reach a much better ranking overall game circuits.

Want to know some of the tactics used by game marketers?

1: Use reactions
2: See who’s active 24/7 and provide valuable content
3: Make a game trailer with only high-quality images and videos
4: Post-behind-the-scene photos and videos
5. Rise in conversation rate by providing engaging content to users already in the game

The Name of the Game is Social:

The best place to start marketing any good digital today, be it a sophisticated 3D game or a ten-page e-book with instructions to play PacMan, is social media! While social gaming is a widely accepted concept now, even mobile and PC games, not to mention the mainstream Play Station games on Xbox, Knit, and many other devices, arcade gaming, and video gaming markets are all moving their buzz points to social media.

Facebook Gaming has reached an all-new high and is considered the most lucrative gaming market nowadays, the best platform for a new game to enter.

Branding Strategy of Every Game Company

1: Graphic design is 80% of their marketing strategy
2: They hire professional writers and translators
3: Their game trailer are professional pieces of art!
4: They use data to inform their marketing decisions
5: They all have a list specifically for their game or genre

As a part of game consulting, we identify your target niche based on millions of gaming enthusiasts and their online activities. The gaming community continues to be innately vocal, and finding the right cords is all it takes to sing along!

Talk Technology Wise:

Gamers are not just in for the game! They are also in for ‘something new.’ The winning USP of any game remains the originality it can bring along with functionality.

Our job is to ensure that the gamers know about all your cool features. From sending out Press Releases to bringing the attention of top reviewers to the game to creating videos, presentations, and related media for support and sharing… they are all a part of the game marketing procedure.

Brand Wise:

Any game vendor must concentrate on their brand, as branding finally impacts gaming! With increased online discussions and multimedia sharing, branding is almost vital for game makers.

The competition is fiercer daily, and you must make the most of your existing creations! Affiliate game marketing, mobile store marketing, content creation and sharing, SEO, YouTube Marketing, and Social Media Marketing will all be a part of your branding initiative on this new digital plane!

For Game Marketing & Consulting: Contact me

Your choice is simple: Crowdfunding or Game Marketing

1: Buying your way into the game
2: Engaging with your audience through YouTube Let’s Plays
3: Be a content creator for a website that gives you free codes
4: Create in-game ads or videos for another game
5: Build a viral landing page for your game.
4: Reach out to followers regularly

Game Marketing Consultant

Gaming is the most searched and crucial keyword globally, as it is the best category across different platforms.

The gaming industry has grown very well and bought an excellent reputation for platforms like YouTube and Twitch gaming across the web.

Gaming applications are also highly demanded on the Play Store, which is the most searched category.

App developers are quickly building different gaming applications, and the trickiest part is promoting and getting proper app installations or downloads from the Play Store.

However, many developers have failed to promote their apps, losing revenue and efforts in gaming app marketing.

App promotion is not an easy task. Millions of applications are crowded across the web on different platforms, and marketers use several other tactics and techniques to reach people. The new marketers must approach popular and practical methods by targeting the audience based on different points of view.

Design in an informative way

Attractively design the app landing page to grab the attention of the audience.

Utilize the landing page to reach the customers in a particular location outside the app stores, and the web pages can be geared up the experience from different environments. However, they are getting connected with the primary goal of installing the app.

It is essential to set a goal for your gaming app marketing. A good discussion with the gaming communities about the app and its workings and interface is also critical.

This helps you get good suggestions and reviews before promoting the application across the platform.

If you are not good at marketing, hiring the right Gaming marketer like me to meet your requirements and business goals online is a good idea.

Game Marketing Consulting Services:

  • Game Advertising Consulting
  • Game Communication Strategy
  • Game Branding Consulting
  • Gaming Apps Promotions


A game marketing consultant can provide invaluable expertise and guidance for businesses looking to launch and promote their games in the highly competitive gaming industry. With their deep understanding of the market and target audience, a consultant can help businesses develop effective marketing strategies that generate buzz, drive sales, and build a loyal player base.
From identifying a game’s unique selling points to crafting compelling marketing messages and selecting the proper marketing channels, a game marketing consultant can provide tailored solutions to meet a business’s specific needs and goals. By leveraging their industry connections and insights, consultants can help companies stay ahead of the competition and navigate the rapidly evolving gaming landscape.

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