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Pinterest Advertising Consultant

Though Many Marketers do not consider Pinterest a beneficial component of their marketing strategies, they could be missing out on a significant source of traffic and a chance to increase income. Pinterest is an effective way to reach leads and influence the behavior of potential consumers.

Studies revealed that 72% of pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy online or offline.

While tweets and Instagram posts have a shorter lifespan, pins have a much longer lifespan, which is Pinterest’s most potent benefit. They might be made visible even after a few months.

The same post can be repinned if it performs well and engages customers. This will continue to bring consumers back to the site. Paid advertising on Pinterest will help gain traction with buyers and improve brand recognition.

You see Pinterest Ads everywhere now. What do you think?

1. It’s expensive
2. It’s a good marketing tactic to look at
3. You don’t know how it works

Want to start a Pinterest advertising campaign?

1. Setup your tracking correctly (Pinterest can be a black hole)
2. Save money by ‘optimizing’ in-house
3. Consider the value of your pinboards (you might want to optimize them)

Pinterest advertising is about to get a lot easier

1. Start using the improved ‘Shop The Look’ format
2. Watch for Remarketing Lists for Search
3. Use Google and Bing PPC Display

Pinterest Advertising Consulting

Pinterest has more than 250 million users. This is probably the best platform for advertising products. It is easier to target audiences.

Marketers also have the chance to set a maximum cost per click. The content on Pinterest can be promoted in different ways. Various ad formats suit the multiple goals of the campaign.

Promoted pins on Pinterest are boosted to reach a more targeted audience. The users can share and comment on the promoted pins on their boards.

A promoted pin should be a PNG or JPEG file and not exceed 10 MB. The product can be described in not more than 500 characters. Promoted pins can be static images or videos. Video advertising, as proven, helps more than 90% of consumers make buying decisions.

Want to try Pinterest advertising? It’s an excellent idea.

Have you considered the following mistakes down the line:

1. Not using the correct headline?
2. Not creating click-worthy graphics?
3. Not knowing your audience?
4. Switching images too often?

Another way to promote content on Pinterest is to use promoted carousels. Up to five images can be used. Dots beneath the images indicate additional content. Each carousel can be used to give titles and descriptions of landing page links.

Promoted app pins are mobile-only ads on Pinterest. Mobile users can download the app from Pinterest. Eighty percent of Pinterest users access it from their mobile devices.

Thus, using these promoted app pins to meet the audience where they are is not a bad idea.

Every marketing campaign has different goals and can increase brand awareness and sales. Every movement must be monitored regularly and carefully to determine its success, and if they are not performing as expected, one should know why.

One must look at the analytics and decide whether to increase the budget or choose a different ad format.

Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media platform.

1. Great visuals help your ads be more effective.
2. Visual storytelling can draw people into your product or service.
3. Pin from your website to maximize your ROI.
4. Simplify images for each pin to capture likes and repins.

A Pinterest advertising consultant can help businesses develop a marketing strategy and take action to build engagement.

They can help bring long-term traffic and targeted leads. A consultant can attract people to click through the website and read what the marketer offers. They can determine what action should be taken on the net to market the business on Pinterest.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest has more than 300 million unique monthly users, most of whom are women and aged 18 to 64.

Studies proved that Pinterest users buy from eCommerce sites 10% more than from any other social site. As a Pinterest advertising consultant, we focus on garnering hundred percent results from the ad campaigns. We understand the brand and product offering first and determine the challenges.

Are Pinterest Ads worth the money?

1. Pins don’t get engagement
2. You can’t earn actual followers on Pinterest
3. Ads won’t produce business leads
4. Pins don’t show up in feeds properly
5. The Pinterest audience is demanding to target

Save hours on Pinterest advertising. This works for any product

1. Decide on a general budget to spend
2. Determine your target audience
3. Pick 20-30 products in your niche
4. Create boards for each of those products

Pinterest is the #1 source for consumer purchases

1. It has a ‘low barrier to entry for advertisers
2. Pinterest has a high level of engagement
3. Pinterest ads are affordable
4. Fashion, food, and retail companies LIKE Pinterest ads
5. Your fans already love engaging with you on it

Are you thinking of joining Pinterest ads?

1. Optimize your pins
2. Put them in the right sets. Four should be enough
3. Use the right hashtags for your niche
4. Don’t set up multiple accounts for one brand
5. Add only pin-able images in your store. And optimize them

Competitor research is also done to determine the product’s USP. Then, robust advertising campaigning strategies are created and executed. The campaigns are monitored, and the progress is tracked and reported.

Pinners are not a captive audience

1. They’re into other things besides Pinterest
2. They’re on mobile more than on desktop
3. That means they’re not in the mood to browse
4. Pinterest Ads can get you out of that slump

Finally, Pinterest is the best platform to boost site traffic, increase brand awareness, and increase overall visits and sales. Experimenting with advertising formats and campaigns is the key to success on the forum.


A Pinterest Advertising Consultant equips businesses with the knowledge, strategies, and tools necessary to thrive on this powerful visual discovery platform. By leveraging the expertise of these professionals, companies can maximize their reach, engagement, and sales through targeted, impactful advertising campaigns on Pinterest.


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