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Sentiment Analysis Consultant

Sentiment Analysis Consultant: Social Media is a vast arena that presents the platform to reach the target audience by leveraging the benefits of the online medium. With a massive number of searches on the internet daily, it becomes imperative to understand the sentiment behind the visitor’s mood toward your link. This is done through social media sentiment, highlighting the user’s reaction to a specific post on social media and its engagement.

Sentiment Analysis Consultant

Top Benefits of Associating with a Sentiment Analysis Consultant

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Social media sentiment is defined as perceiving and analyzing the consciousness of the post and its exposure. In other words, social media sentiment analysis can be defined as the automated process of extracting and identifying the subjective data that lies underneath.

The data can take different forms, ranging from a feeling, judgment, comment, or opinion surrounding a particular topic or subject. The primary purpose of this analysis is to categorize it into positive, negative, and neutral.

Marketing Data ScientistI am a sentiment analysis consultant. I present to my complete client assistance in carrying out social media sentiment analysis to gauge the nuances of the business and its reputation among the audience.

Did you know that people who speak a foreign language use emojis differently?

  • People who learn English as a second language are more damaged than native speakers. But they’re also funnier. Those two things balance out.
  • You can use sentiment analysis to see how happy your followers are feeling!
  • Check out this case study, where they used sentiment analysis during the holiday season to increase engagement by 6.7%.

You can use sentiment analysis to check how your audience is feeling

  • Make sure you’re reaching out to the right people
  • Sentiment analysis is 80% accurate, so ensure you have similar targeting on Facebook Ads.

Use sentiment analysis to find out what your followers subconsciously think.

  • Figure out what the account’s brand/product ‘feels’ like
  • Figure out the ‘feel’ of any competitor’s brand/product
  • Find a way to trigger a positive association with any negative posts (Listerine works this way)
  • Speak to your fan’s subconscious
  • Drive followers away from competitors

Get more brand lift!

  • Form a committee to explore the sentiment
  • Monitor the critical pieces of content flowing into your mentions
  • Find out what influencers are saying about you in their stories, pinned posts, and comments
  • Identify the types of people that like and share your content
  • Be aware of those that haven’t seen your content

Using sentiment analysis to get a better

  • Read a specific topic and improve your product or service
  • Be more open to change
  • Track the growth of your business, product, or service.

What’s your business saying about you to your customers

1: Find which of your keywords carry positive and negative sentiment
2: Find which of your products has the highest sentiment score.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Most of the data obtained online are often unstructured. This is no exception in the case of social media too. And this makes it analyze and sort every single piece of data. Twitter sentiment analysis enables users to automatically assort this massive amount of data sets and tweets to detect the polarity. It is simple, quick, and allows easy management of data.

Benefits of Sentiment Analysis

It is scalable:

While it may take hours to complete the entire procedure manually, on the other hand, Twitter Sentiment Analysis allows one to automate the same in less time and save the overall cost incurred.

Allows to obtain real-time analysis:

It helps gain an overview of the sudden changes in the customer mood by monitoring the brands on a real-time basis. Besides, it also helps gain valuable insight and detect critics and complaints to take the necessary actions.

It’s consistent:

When a tweet is checked manually, two people will perceive it differently. This may bring out biased results. However, by training the machine model, businesses can set the required parameters to help analyze the entire data and bring consistent results.

social analyticsSteps to Use Twitter Sentiment Data

A Twitter sentiment analysis includes the following steps, viz.

  • Gathering of Data
  • Reprocessing and clearing old tweets
  • Generating a Twitter Sentiment Model for analysis

I assist clients in carrying out Twitter Sentiment Analysis and YouTube Sentiment Analysis. Contact me now to know more.

SEO Using Natural Language Processing

The Advent of AI is initiating search engines like Google to understand websites better and decrypt data without the help of keywords. Even though the weightage of keywords hasn’t been reduced, google no more deems it essential to determine the actual nature of the content.

Here, users can now search merely by using natural language instead of keywords to understand what the content delivers. It now mainly relies on the sentiment and syntax of the content.

If you are, you are looking for guidance in managing SEO with the help of Natural Language Processing. I can offer assistance in carrying out SEO using Natural Language Processing. Contact me now to know more.

Social Media Business Analysis

Social Media is the next big thing in the present digital era. Over the years, it has become essential for businesses to build social media marketing strategies. To carry out these campaigns, it is necessary to be backed by significant data. Social Media Business Analysis renders marketers evaluate valuable data from previous activities to reach the audience.

Benefits of Social Media Business Analysis

In the present time, data is power. With more insights at your disposal, you can build better campaigns and help raise your marketing presence. Here are a few advantages of utilizing Social Media Business Analysis:

  • It helps in measuring the total ROI incurred out of Social Media
  • Assists in bettering the overall marketing strategy to reach the target audience
  • Aids in gaining a better insight into the audience
  • Aids in establishing a direction for the business

I am a sentiment analysis consultant. I provide businesses with assistance and guidance in performing social media business analysis and Quantitative Analysis to determine where the company stands compared to its contemporaries.

Market Research & Analysis

Market Research & Analysis plays a vital role in interpreting data organizationally. The primary aspect of market research & analysis is to harness information that can deem fruitful for the business.

Sentiment Social Media Analysis allows businesses to gain insight into the audience and customer’s mind by analyzing the reaction to the post and how well the target audience has received it.

When it comes to social media, market research becomes essential in determining how a particular post or brand is perceived by the audience, whether taken negatively or positively.

This is done by concentrating on focus groups that can present accurate data. I am a sentiment analysis consultant. I provide business assistance in conducting Market Research & Analysis.

Digital Data Analytics

Digital Data Analytics garners quantitative and qualitative data from businesses and contemporaries to improve their online presence.

This encompasses gathering, measuring, analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting data in the digital medium by illustrating user behavior on mobile sites, mobile applications, and websites. As a Sentiment Analysis Consultant, I present the platform for carrying out our Digital Data Analytics to users.


Gaining an insight into user behavior plays an essential role in the present-day digital platform, which is growing immensely. Are you looking for assistance in performing sentiment analysis? As a sentiment analysis consultant, I offer complete guidance in reaching your business goals by gaining detailed insight into the user’s mind.

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