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The Ultimate Guide to DoubleClick Advertising

The Ultimate Guide To DoubleClick Advertising

It is a real-time marketplace that is partnered with the Google Display network. It is the platform for buying and selling ads. It allows the marketers to bid on display advertising across the web; whenever marketers have a campaign targeting the display network, they can access the Ad exchange automatically to the publisher sites, which consists of the Adwords guidelines.

What is DoubleClick Advertising?

The double-click ad exchange with the ad networks and agencies, the third-party demand platforms, and global inventory in real-time.

The Ad Exchange can provide you flexibility for controlling the inventory, and the inventory management can allow you to enable the settings for any other combinations of stock and bids.

It is very time-saving. The users can select the segments of the inventory and then go to the controlling of the pricing and block with other configurations to apply for the other selections. There are specific definitive rules for ad exchanging like blocking, option, open auctioning and ad styles, and backup ads rules.

How to get started with the double-click ad exchange

The Double click ad exchange was coupled with Google ad sense, and once it was targeted, then the display network for your campaign where your ads can appear on the Ad exchange publisher sites and also through Google Ad-sense.

Getting started

For buyers on the Ad exchange, who can be a company that aggregates publisher ad space, the trading desks, and the demand-side platforms? They can buy the inventory for the advertisers via a real-time bidding process or static buying procedures.

The static buying procedure is included. The buyers can set up the campaigns for the advertisers in the Ad Exchange interface; each movement has its budget, bids, targeting requirements, and ad creative.

It can be approached by signing into the Static buying account of Ad Exchange through Google.

When it comes to real-time bidding, the buyers can build their system, called a real-time bidder, to connect to the Google servers to have a consistent, constant stream of Ad exchange.

Double click bid manager    

The double-click bid manager is generally a demand-side platform that offers access to the display ad inventory across the different ad exchanges for agencies, trading companies, and advertisers.

So, during the data usage to the right audience, the bids’ optimization and placement maximize the campaigns’ performance.

The advertisers can get their campaign goals and objectives, go with the double-click bid manager, set targets, and determine the bids.

The ad inventory impression can be exposed to the double click manager, delivering the campaign reporting to the advertisers and bid building and serving.

After analyzing the impressions, the proprietary algorithms can connect with the audience and optimizes the buying in real-time to reach the advertiser’s objectives. It is mighty in targeting and combines the audience with the context data to get the right audience at the right time. It also enables the cross-channel buying process.

DoubleClick studio

It is a tool for creating rich media advertisements and can boost traffic through DoubleClick ads for advertisers and publishers.

The double-click studio is also included with the ad authorizing tools, which can help you build rich media ads and dynamic creative ads integrated directly into the studio.

It also allows the web application managing campaigns and the creative, which are included with the ad preview-related tools in the mobile and web environments. The streamlined workflow also pushes the creative side to Google’s assurance for quality review.

Double click campaign manager

The double-click campaign manager can simplify the campaigns’ running and the media’s planning and reporting on digital marketing efforts. The users can work bright and quickly for better results; it has good cross-screen capabilities and is very efficient.

Using the double-click campaign manager allows the users to have seamless product integrations and workflow, and the campaign changes will go live within a few minutes. It also provides engagement across the screens and is compatible with the different formats where you can expand the reach and can understand your customers at their place by targeting the devices.

DoubleClick creative solutions

The double-click creative solutions have a creative way to reach faster and better. Everything you need to build and manage the digital ads and make them engaging with the people, from the custom video to the mobile content.

The double-click creative solutions also contain dynamic creative support and a complete video toolkit for users.

It can also simplify ad creation and management with various tools, including studio, API, Layouts, and the users can upload, preview, and publish the ads on a single interface. It is also easy to build rich media quickly and streamline the process within a single platform.

Programmatic buying

The programmatic buying solution provided by the Double Clicks ad exchange with unified programmatic insights across the different channels and types of buying, along with the tools to act in real-time.

The publishers can also get a complete view of the inventory performance and the benefits of the advertisers.

By programmatic buying, the Double click platform provides a brand sage and premium programmatic inventory on a global scale, allowing the users to connect with the right buyers and sellers on their terms, along with fraud-free results for the customers.

It is also helpful in measuring the tools that can enhance the viability and audience metrics along with the protection that maximizes results.

Therefore the DoubleClick ad exchange is the best platform for advertisers and publishers to approach the right way of marketing things online.

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