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Automation Marketing Trends we Might See in 2024

Automation Marketing Trends We Might See In 2024

Automation Marketing Trends: It’s hard to believe 2022 is only four years away! But as we look ahead, it’s fascinating to think about all the new trends and technologies that will emerge by then. In terms of automation marketing, what could we see in the next few years? Here are a few predictions for 2022.

Keeping up with the latest trends can be challenging as the marketing landscape changes. But if you want to be on the edge of the competition, it’s essential to know what’s coming next. So, this post will look at some automation marketing trends that we might see in 2022. Keep reading for tips on how you can prepare for these changes!

Automation Marketing Trends We Might See in 2024

  • AI-powered chatbots will be able to engage in complex, multi-layered conversations and answer customer questions on their own
  • Automation tools will help marketers manage their social media channels and provide them with insights into how well they’re performing.
  • Marketing automation software will learn from customer preferences and use those insights to create personalized content for each person. This trend will make personalized marketing messages tailored to individual needs or tastes more popular.
  • The rise of artificial intelligence marketing automation
  • Increased use of chatbots to answer customer questions and offer personalized recommendations
  • More companies use predictive analytics to determine when customers are most likely to buy their products
  • Continued growth in the use of video content marketing, including live streaming and 360-degree videos
  • Marketing automation will be used by 80% of businesses
  • Marketers will spend more time on strategy than execution, as the technology takes care of the details
  • Artificial intelligence will take over mundane tasks like scheduling posts and running A/B tests
  • More marketers will use Facebook Messenger to provide customer service and answer common questions about products
  • Automation marketing is expected to be a $5 billion industry by 2022, up from $2 billion in 2018
  • Marketing automation platforms will become increasingly sophisticated and offer new features for businesses
  • Automation will be used to create more personalized content
  • Artificial intelligence will be used for customer service and marketing automation
  • More people will use chatbots as a way to communicate with brands
  • Marketing automation tools will become easier to use, so even small businesses can implement them
  • Social media influencers and celebrities on YouTube and Instagram will start using automated software to grow their audience
  • Marketers will be able to create personalized marketing campaigns based on a customer’s preferences
  • Marketing automation will have increased by 2022, making it easier for marketers to reach their customers
  • Customers will have more control over what they see from brands and marketers as AI systems are used to filter out unwanted content
  • Automation tools that connect with CRMs and other software platforms will help automate the process of managing leads and generating sales opportunities
  • More content marketing with better targeting
  • More native advertising and fewer banner ads
  • Automated customer service chatbots to answer questions 24/7
  • Personalized emails based on past purchase history or browsing behavior
  • Mobile responsive websites, as most people will be using mobile devices in 2022
  • Automated customer service
  • Artificial intelligence to help with marketing decisions
  • AI-powered chatbots for customer support and sales
  • Virtual personal assistants that can do everything from order food to book travel plans
  • The use of AI and machine learning to create personalized marketing messages
  • Constant data analysis to optimize customer experience
  • Real-time feedback loops for marketers based on what they know about their customers (i.e., if a customer is looking at a product page, send them an email with similar products)
  • Automated chatbots that provide information and answer questions 24/7
  • More people will be using artificial intelligence to do their marketing for them
  • Companies will use automation to send out personalized messages and promotions based on a customer’s buying habits
  • Marketing strategies will focus more on the individual rather than broad demographic groups.
  • Personalization will be the new standard in marketing
  • Automation will be seen as a necessity, not an option
  • Marketers will use predictive analytics to make better decisions and improve customer experience
  • Marketing is going to become more inclusive of minority groups
  • The future of marketing is all about context
  • AIcano automates finding prospects and engaging them with personalized content.
  • Social media platforms will use algorithms to identify influencers and target ads to their followers.
  • It will be easier for marketers to segment audiences according to demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  • Marketers can create machine learning models that predict customer behavior based on past purchases.
  • Increased use of social media advertising
  • More frequent use of influencer marketing campaigns
  • Chatbots will be able to engage with customers and provide them with personalized customer service
  • Virtual reality will become a key component of marketing campaigns
  • Marketing teams will utilize machine learning to understand better their audiences’ preferences and habits, which could help create more targeted messaging for consumers
  • Marketers might use augmented reality in the form of virtual maps or holograms to show off products in different environments
  • Artificial intelligence will be used to find customer’s interests and create personalized ads for them
  • Voice-activated technology will become more popular, with voice assistants like Alexa and Siri becoming household items. Social media platforms’ marketing will increase as the number of users continues.
  • Curated content will be more prevalent than ever before
  • Marketing campaigns will have a shorter lifespan- people won’t want to see the same ads over and over again
  • Marketers will need to become more creative with their marketing tactics because there are fewer platforms on which they can advertise
  • Artificial intelligence will be used to automate marketing decisions
  • Marketing automation software will evolve into a platform that users can customize
  • Digital marketers will have the ability to use voice commands and gestures to control their marketing campaigns
  • Social media platforms will become more integrated with other social media platforms, allowing for smoother interactions between them
  • Virtual reality technology will enable people to shop from home, or anywhere they are at
  • AI will be used for customer service, including responding to questions and complaints
  • More businesses will use chatbots to help customers with their needs
  • Chatbots will be able to answer more complicated questions than they can now
  • Artificial Intelligence is being used in the medical field as well as legal fields
  • Marketing automation platforms are becoming more sophisticated and easier to use.
  • Chatbots that automatically respond to customers’ questions
  • Marketing automation for social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn
  • Personalized email marketing using data collected from the web browser’s cookie files or other sources of information about a user.


If you’re interested in how automation might affect marketing trends by 2022, look at this list of predictions.

Should you adopt any of them now or wait until they become more common practice? Let us know if you have any queries we can answer today!

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