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YouTube Channel Audit: Metrics to Audit Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel Audit: Metrics To Audit Your YouTube Channel

A YouTube audit can be daunting. It’s not as simple as watching your videos and counting the views, likes, dislikes, comments, and subscribers. You must look deeper at some of these metrics to get a complete picture of your channel’s performance.

A YouTube audit will provide you with an overview of which video types are performing well or poorly, how many people are subscribed to your channels, what percentage of your total audience has seen each video, whether viewers have been dropping off after viewing one or two videos in succession, how many times the same person viewed one particular video on repeat and much more!

How often do you upload videos?

Do you have a strategy for the content on your channel?

The key to success with any YouTube Channel audit is figuring out where the audience’s attention lies and then focusing on that specific content area.

This post will cover how to get started with an audit and what areas should be considered: video titles/headlines, tags/keywords, best practices for video production (shot types), and the comments section for engagement.

Once you know which areas need work or lack quality material, give them more thought or allocate resources accordingly.

What is a YouTube Channel Audit?

YouTube Channel Audit is a channel audit service that helps you understand what’s working and what needs improvement. It also shows your progress over time, letting you know whether your strategy is improving with each video.

A YouTube Channel Audit is a report that analyzes your channel and tells you where to improve.

YouTube Channel Audit is a service that allows you to track the progress of your channel. It will show you how many subscribers and views you have gained and other important info about your drain, such as age, gender demographics, and social media statistics.

YouTube Channel Audit is a new service that helps determine your channel’s performance. It provides information about subscriptions, likes and dislikes, retention rates, video views, and more!

YouTube Channel Audit is a powerful service that makes your channel easy for viewers to navigate and understand. It helps you identify keywords, target audience, and potential content or view count issues.

Why should Brands focus on YouTube?

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, and it’s getting more popular every day. Because of its popularity, YouTube has given people a place to voice their opinions on brands and products.

Brands should focus on YouTube because it’s the third most visited website in the world. It’s essential to any social media marketing strategy, and I’ve seen brands significantly benefit from the videos they create.

YouTube is the top social media platform and a visual medium. People prefer to watch videos than read lengthy content, so YouTubing is great if you want your brand to be associated with exciting content.

The main reason brands focus on YouTube is that it’s a great way to drive traffic.

I recommend that businesses spend time on YouTube because it’s one of the best ways to get more views and get your products out there.

Why You Should Audit Your YouTube Channel

It would help if you audited your YouTube channel because it will help you identify the best ways to grow your audience. Auditing allows you to assess what’s working and what isn’t to refine future content strategies for better results.

Understanding and communicating effectively with your channel audience can help you turn viewers into subscribers.

YouTube is an effective platform for making money. I recommend any business owner set up a YouTube channel to market their brand and products.

As many of you know, I’m a regular contributor to YouTube, and as an internet marketer, I believe that video is the best marketing tool available.

Metrics to Audit Your YouTube Channel

The most important social metrics you should review are the number of views, likes, and dislikes. You can also use comments to gauge your audience’s feedback on a video.

There are several metrics that you can use to audit your channel. These will help you understand the effectiveness of your videos and what types of videos work best for you.

The initial thing to do is check your channel data by going to YouTube Analytics.

How to Conduct a YouTube Channel Audit

One significant factor is engagement. Viewers should be able to relate to you, and your channel should have a consistent look. This will help viewers feel more at home, which is essential for building trust and gaining new subscribers.

If you want to check the health of your YouTube channel, several different metrics will help you evaluate its performance.

Knowing where you stand is essential before you start running your business. This is a step-by-step guide to auditing your YouTube channel and determining what content you should create.

The first step to a YouTube channel audit is looking at the community you’ve built.

The key to growing a YouTube channel is consistency. This means you must be consistent with your uploads, posting frequency, and posting times.

How to Do YouTube Competitor Analysis

It’s essential to know your competitors to keep up with them, and one of the top ways to do this is to use YouTube competitor analysis.

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet. It’s also the best place to start a business and career as an entrepreneur.

One of the engaging ways to improve your YouTube channel is by analyzing your competitors. This will allow you to optimize what works and apply their strategies in your videos, making them more effective.

There are many ways to do competitor analysis. The main thing you want to understand is your competition’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can formulate a plan of action for future success on YouTube.

YouTube Channel Audit Types

YouTube channel audits benefit creators who want a clearer picture of their videos and channels.

We have various YouTube channel audit types that can help you get started.

There are many ways to create a YouTube channel audit. However, I always find that the best way to start is by analyzing your recent video views, subscribers, and estimated earnings.

A content audit is crucial to ensure your YouTube channel is successful. The different types are:

YouTube Channel SEO Audit

When performing a YouTube channel audit, there are many things to consider. First, ensure your videos have relevant titles, descriptions, and tags. Also, remember that the report needs to contain around 100 or more words to appear as Google.

Before you start working on your channel, it’s essential to have a plan.

The YouTube SEO Audit will help you increase your video views and rankings. It includes keywords, tags, titles, descriptions, and more advice.

YouTube Channel Thumbnail Audit

YouTube channel thumbnails that are selected by the creator or a tool can have a dramatic impact on your popularity and subscriber growth. This article will discuss best practices when designing YouTube channel art and tools to create professional-looking thumbnails.

When choosing a YouTube channel thumbnail, you should ensure it’s eye-catching. People first see it when deciding whether to click on your video.

A YouTube Channel Thumbnail Audit is a great way to give your channel the boost it needs. You can use this AudAudit determine what thumbnaiAuditresents you and your content.

Your YouTube channel thumbnail must stand out if you want more people to subscribe. The more creative and exciting the image is, the more likely people will be intrigued enough to follow you.

YouTube Channel Content Audit

Your channel is doing well, but it could be better. Reviewing your track regularly can help you optimize its performance and maximize views, subscribers, or customer satisfaction.

To increase your YouTube channel’s audience, consider what kinds of content they want. Adding graphics and animations relevant to each video can make your videos more entertaining.

YouTube Content Gap Analysis

One of YouTube’s biggest problems is the noticeable gap between content creators and advertisers. This gap makes it difficult for advertisers to grow their businesses because there are not enough users, which means less income.

YouTube has experienced a lot of change over the years. One of the most notable is that they’ve changed their content strategy multiple times, and they’re still changing it. The changes have affected both marketers and creators significantly.

People believe they are spending too much time on YouTube. Many companies have successfully produced their content for the site since it is free and has many benefits, such as high visibility.

YouTube Playlists Audit

You can upload YouTube Playlists and audit them, but is it worth your time?

A YouTube Playlist Audit is a valuable option for editing and reorganizing playlists. While using this feature to clean your lists of unnecessary or redundant videos is advisable, it can be time-consuming when done manually.

A playlist audit is a standard service provided by streaming companies. It allows you to make informed decisions about the content on your channels.

YouTube Channel Competition Audit

The competition is fierce on YouTube. To stand out, create engaging content that people will love.

To avoid this, you should ensure your YouTube channel is newsworthy. Also, add new content consistently and encourage fans to share videos with friends.

YouTube competition analysis is an integral part of your YouTube channel SEO strategy. Successful YouTubers know many successful channels with similar topics, so monitoring the market and ensuring you’re doing everything possible is vital.

YouTube Channel Watch Time Audit

This audAuditows you the time you watch YouTube channels. It also includes some analytics to help you understand how your viewers interact with your content, which can help inform what type of videos to make.

We’ve analyzed your channel’s watch time and found that you’re performing below average compared to channels within your niche. To improve, it is recommended that you post more frequently and choose tags carefully.

Here’s a quick fact about YouTube: the average watch time on video (across all content) is 9 minutes, while channels with over 100k subscribers can get up to 15 minutes.

Your YouTube channel watch time is below the average of your competitors.

YouTube Channel Revenue Audit

YouTube is a powerful medium, but sometimes it can be challenging to grow an audience. I recommend looking for new ways of maximizing your revenue on YouTube to see how many ads you are running per hour and consider the ad placement.

Your YouTube channel is weak. I recommend increasing your view count by making more videos before monetizing your account. Once it grows, the money will follow!

Keeping track of your YouTube channel revenue is essential to succeed on the platform.

A YouTube Channel Revenue Audit is an excellent way to determine your channel’s performance. The auditing will give you an overview of the top media, videos, and recommendations for improving your channel.

YouTube Channel Copyrights Audit

Ensure you protect your brand and channel with YouTube’s copyright system.

As you can see, the copyrights are in order. No one will be able to take down your videos!

One of the best ways to protect your YouTube channel from copyright claims is through music. It’s easy to add a song legally using YouTube’s Audio Library, and it costs nothing!

YouTube Channel Individual Video Audit

It’s essential to keep an up-to-date view of your YouTube Channel. This will show you how many subscribers, ideas, and likes each video has. It’ll also reveal the most popular videos and a detailed breakdown of the days and times.

This video audit was developed to help YouTube channels of all sizes optimize their videos and improve engagement. What you’ll find in this guide is a broad overview of best practices for creating engaging content on your channel.

A YouTube channel audit can help you find ways to improve your content. This can be used for personal or business YouTube channels.

I highly recommend using your video audit to improve the engagement of your existing videos and content. This activity will enable you to identify what keywords people use when searching for your videos, allowing you to optimize them.

Your YouTube channel is the window to your company. It’s a way for potential customers to get engaged and interested in your business. They’ll leave and never return if it looks unprofessional or boring.

YouTube Channel Analytics Audit

YouTube Analytics is a trending tool for gaining insight into your channel. Its first essential feature is metrics on views and subscribers.

With a YouTube Channel Analytics Audit, you will better understand your channel and what’s working. Google Analytics and other tools are powerful but very complicated.

YouTube Channel Backlinks Audit

I weighed the pros and cons of different link-building strategies. I looked at various website statuses, including Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.

The benefits of buying YouTube channel backlinks can help you rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing.

YouTube Channel Growth Audit

There are many ways to grow your YouTube channel. One of the most popular is through collaborations with other YouTubers. A partnership can help you increase subscribers and views quickly, but they don’t work for every situation.

As a content creator, you want to grow your YouTube channel. You need to research and find out what other media are doing to succeed with an audience of similar size. Then, you can implement these growth hacks for yourself.

What does the YouTube Audit check?

The YouTube audit tool checks the following: number of likes, dislikes, and comments; it also checks for inappropriate titles and tags.

The YouTube Audit examines your content and scores you from 0 to 100. It’s an important tool that tells you what needs improvement.

The audit checks for spam, adult content, copyrighted videos, and other YouTube guidelines.
YouTube Channel Audit Consulting

The channel audit service helps people increase their subscriber base and grow their businesses on YouTube.

At Youtube Channel Audit Consulting, we streamline your channel with the best optimizing practices. We analyze what makes you stand out and use that to improve your videos.

YouTube Channel Best Practices

YouTube is a great way to build an audience. Here are some of the best practices I’ve learned from my experience.

  • Use keywords in titles and tags to make your video more searchable on YouTube.
  • Ensure you have good lighting when filming, and use high-quality cameras if possible.
  • Pay attention to audio quality – ensure no background noise or echoes from the camera’s microphone.
  • Create a memorable channel name that matches your videos’ content, is easy to spell, and matches.
  • Upload video titles with keywords in mind so YouTube can better rank them
  • Use thumbnails that are eye-catching and relevant to what’s going on in the video
  • Respond to comments as quickly as possible- even if it’s to say thank you!
  • Make sure your videos have captions for viewers who may not be able to hear or understand English.
  • Include a link to your channel in the video description
  • Use YouTube’s live chat feature and engage with viewers by asking them questions or giving them feedback on their videos
  • Make sure that all of your content is original- don’t copy other people’s work without permission
  • Add captions to all of your videos so that deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers can watch them
  • Keep the length of each video short (under 5 minutes)
  • Make your videos short and to the point
  • Upload regularly, but not too often
  • Use high-quality equipment for your videos
  • Be knowledgeable about the topic of your video (i.e., don’t talk about something you know nothing about)
  • Always answer any questions in the comments section of a video
  • Create a catchy, original channel name
  • Upload videos regularly and consistently
  • Keep up to date on the latest trends in YouTube marketing
  • Respond to comments quickly and appropriately
  • Keep your videos short
  • Add a clear call to action at the end of each video
  • Use YouTube annotations to link viewers to other relevant content on your channel or website
  • Make sure that people know who you are by adding a profile photo and intro video
  • Include links in your description box for more information about products, services, or events
  • Consider the type of content you want to produce
  • Create a YouTube channel and fill in all the information about your videos, including tags, categories, and location.
  • Upload video clips with clear titles that are easy to find when people search for them on YouTube or Google.
  • If necessary, add captions or subtitles so viewers who don’t speak your language can understand what’s happening.
  • Create a profile picture for your channel.
  • Ensure you have an intro video and outro video with links to other videos on the channel.
  • Add links to social media profiles, merchandise, and contact information in your YouTube Channel page’s “About” section.
  • Create a unique profile name.
  • Optimize your channel for search engines.
  • Add tags to your videos and descriptions of what the video is about
  • Use social media to promote your YouTube channel


You’re probably wondering, “What metrics should I look at for my YouTube channel?” We can answer that question with essential metrics to audit your YouTube Channel. Among these are total views and subscriber count, which will give you an idea of what video content resonates with the viewers. If this post interests you, contact us today to start auditing your channel!

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