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Customer Data Platform Glossary: CDP Key Terms & Definitions You Need to Know

Customer Data Platform Glossary: CDP Key Terms & Definitions You Need To Know

Customer Data Platform Glossary: Customer data still seems a headache for businesses and marketers. The customer data platform can let you know the customer experience of your business brand.

Now, each customer has a unique opinion while purchasing products or services in the market. Also, customers are not just buying products or services; they do complete research on what they are buying. Moreover, the number of brands in the market is giving great competition in satisfying customer requirements.

When one can’t run the strategic marketing methods to reach the target customers, it is necessary to concentrate on customer data platforms to let the businesses find what the customers are looking for.

Most enterprises collect customer data insights and establish successful MarTech. How’s it happening? We’ve listed the customer data platform glossary terms to help you reach your target customers.

Step 1

Create Your Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Step 2

Destination Your Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Step 3

Enrich Your Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Step 4

Optimize Your Customer Data Platform (CDP)

All you need to know about the Customer Data Platform

1. It is a tool meant for advertisers
2. Why should you use it?
3. How will it benefit you?
4. The benefits are significant!

Use a customer data platform to get all your client data in one place

1. A data platform gives you all this data in real-time
2. A great platform knows how to filter, organize, and visualize your data

How AI is shaping the future of CRM

1. Learn about what a Customer Data Platform is
2. The benefits of a CDP for your business
3. Make your business smarter

Have you ever wondered how you can use your Instagram data more?

1. Get some customer data on your business
2. Identify all your potential customers
3. Use that list to create a custom marketing funnel.

If you want to grow your business faster, use this secret tool.

1. ABC is a customer data platform that helps to gather and harness data from anywhere
2. Find the best leads for your business
3. Identify marketing opportunities that would skyrocket the growth of your business
4. Work with professionals to increase your organic reach by 40% in 3 months
5. Use Marketo’s cURL program

Why you need a customer data platform

1. It helps you gain critical cross-platform insights
2. It uses tactics that are relevant to your business goals
3. It will help you better understand your customers
4. It allows you to connect your CRM and all channels in one place
5. It provides competitive analysis insights and tools so you can beat your competitors

Is your business looking to work with a Customer Data Platform?

The best Customer Data Platform + Marketing Automation System for small and mid-sized businesses.
Consolidate your customer, user, and post-sale data into one marketplace, and you can change the way you interact with them.

1) Know what your audience wants when they want it
2) Deliver relevant content and track engagement in real-time
3) Use data for cost-per-acquisition segmentation (where you

Let’s discover why customer data platforms are the future of marketing

1. Staying current in your craft is cheaper than you think
2. CDPs save money and time for marketers across every department
3. The new digital infrastructure will stabilize the economics of social media
4. Social media is too big to stay small

Why you should use a CDP

1. It helps analyze your marketing data
2. Eliminates repetitive work
3. Makes optimization easy and fast
4. Analyzes all your customer data in one place
5. Helps you focus on customers with the most profit potential

How to empower sales and marketing teams with relevant data

1. Data is king for every industry
2. A CDP is an affordable way to solve your business data
3. Encourage collaboration between departments
4. Map out your customer’s journey from prospect to customer.
5. Track everything

What if I told you you can turn your customer data into revenue?

Imagine using your customer data to grow your business with local ads.

Nice title! CDP means aggregating all your online customers’ data into one central source and building marketing capabilities on top of it.

Apply to more ad platforms and take your CRM to the next level
Reach out to brands you don’t already deal with or find new customers in the remaining 70%
Give up none of your customer’s data to anyone (no matter what)
Automatically update your website whenever you get a new client. Identify

People don’t know what CDPs are

1. Empower anyone to become a data scientist
2. Send your data to enterprise systems
3. Protect the privacy of sensitive data
4. Share insights with your analysts
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3. Giveaway a product/service

Customer Data Platform Glossary

Ad exchange
Activity Feed
Ad fraud
Ad server
Ad targeting
Addressable TV
Advanced TV
Approve & Publish Access
Attribution modeling
Audience content recognition (ACR)
Audience suppression
Audience targeting
Big data
Browser Property
Campaign Rule
Closed-loop analysis
Closed Loop Offer
Connected TV (CTV)
Cross-channel/multichannel marketing
Cross-device marketing
Customer Frequency
Customer ID code
Customer Monetary Spend
Customer Profile
Customer Recency
Customer Status
Data ethics
Data Hygiene
Data integration
Data Management Platform (DMP)
Data matching
Data onboarding
Data privacy
Data quality
Data-driven marketer
Demand-Side Platform (DSP)
Digital Property
Digital Video
Dynamic creative
Email Service Provider (ESP)
Event Stream
External Message
Extract, transform, and load (ETL)
First-party data
Graphic Display
Identity Resolution
Inbox Message
Linear TV
Look-alike modeling
Loyalty Points
Marketing measurement
Marketing stack
Match rates
Messaging Campaign
Mix optimization
Mobile Property
Multichannel video programming distributors
Native advertising
Offline attribution
Offline data
Omnichannel marketing
One-to-one marketing
Online data
Over-the-top video (OTT)
People-based marketing
Personally identifiable information
Platform Administrator
Platform User
Premium publisher
Programmatic advertising
Promo Code
Promotion Campaign
Push Notification
Read & Write Access
Read Access
Real-time bidding (RTB)
Reward Store
Second-party data
Social data
Tag management
Targeted Advertising
Test Device
Test Persona
Third-party data
Yield optimization


Customer data platforms are the process of combining data using different tools, especially in creating a customer database. By using that data, businesses can categorize customer data into other forms, through which they launch effective marketing ad campaigns that help improve the ROI of the business brand. One should understand the terms that can only help evaluate customer preferences.

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