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How to Sell Products on Instagram: Instagram Shopping Tips to Engage Your Business

How To Sell Products On Instagram: Instagram Shopping Tips To Engage Your Business

Instagram is the one-stop shop. It is the only mall that provides several products online from different brands of all categories. More than 130 million Instagram users go through the shopping post each month to know more information about the products. We can say that Instagram shopping is an effective feature for business brands to showcase the products that drive sales conversions. You know from local to global business brands are in the use of Instagram shopping to engage the customers. Hence, it is essential to master Instagram shopping by learning the tactics to sell the products on it.

Instagram Shopping Tips

Make sure your business brand reaches the requirements of an Instagram account:

Before promoting your brand products on Instagram, make sure to understand the rules and requirements to set up an Instagram business account.

Enable your products to be on Facebook Catalog by connecting with the Instagram Business profile:

It is necessary to connect the Instagram business account to the commerce account where it enables to launch of the shop that leads to selling the products from the Facebook catalog.

Let your business account must be reviewed by Instagram:

Random reviewing of the business accounts can be done by Instagram which let your account be away from the activity of disabled where the Instagram takes more than 24 hours to review.

Add products tags to post on Instagram profile:

To make your products find maximum reach create ad campaigns with product tags to boost sales engagement.

Carousel posts:

Add the creative look with the implementation of photoshoot images as carousel posts.

Check whether the shopping tag links directly to the right products:

Monitor that the mentioned shopping tags mentioned are directed to the right products, which can help you find the sales.

Ready to add multiple products tags in a single image:

Try to compose Instagram posts with multiple tags in a single image to make your customers spend more time knowing about your unique products.

Hashtag engagement:

Make sure to include the followable and searchable hashtags to find customer engagement.

Launch compelling shoppable posts through user-generated content:

Make your business brand adopt the user-generated content that reaches the real-time audience to visit your store to buy the products.

Make your grid to explore the shopping posts:

Plan the promotions of your Instagram content with the exploration of the shopping posts that can generate sales.

Elevate your business products with the help of Instagram Stories:

Create Instagram stories that are unique from the regular that gain audience traction.

Instagram insights:

Remember to use Instagram insights to know the business performance that let you analyze the drawbacks of your promotional campaigns.

Use Google Analytics by creating the trackable links through UTM:

You can make use of the Google UTM generator for the creation of UTMs through which you can paste the links in the uploaded posts of Instagram and can track the activity by trackable links.

Track the website traffic by using different types of tools:

Research on finding the various tools that can help track the business performance that can be website reach, sales growth, and advanced promotional strategies.

Get in touch with the Instagram ads to reach the target audience:

Sponsored ads on Instagram have the most chances to get the audience’s attention by serving on their feed of the Instagram profile.

Add product links in the Instagram stories:

Most of the brands forget to add the product links in Instagram stories, which can direct the customers to your website directly.

Establish the shoppable Instagram feed:

Feature the shoppable Instagram feed posts that allow the customers to do the direct shopping without consuming their time, and it can drive the sales immediately.

Launch the Instagram only product promotions:

When you want to promote your brand on Instagram, then try to target the audience with the aim of Instagram-only product promotions.

Try to add the right and relevant hashtags:

To make your products reach a massive audience then it is essential to add the relevant hashtags that keep the continuous customer engagement.

Add the craving titles for the posts:

The content that contains compelling titles can have more chances to go viral on Instagram and find conversions.

Build the Instagram sales platform:

Make Instagram is the only sales channel with promotional strategies and with creative content.

Get the business account approval:

The approval of the business account on Instagram will make your brand more visible by reaching a broader range of audiences.

Facebook shop:

Confirm which Facebook shop must be added to the Instagram that makes your business find the sales growth.

Always tag the products in the older images:

Target your customers with the implementation of old images by tagging the products in the content.

Always stick to uploading the best photos:

Uploading the best photos will make your profile look unique from the millions of brands on Instagram.

Include the view store button in the Instagram shopping:

Adding the view store button in the posts of Instagram shopping will make your customers view all your business products that can influence them to buy.

Product teaser:

Create and deliver the product teaser that lets the audience become the customers.


You can easily reach the target customers with the help of Instagram shopping strategies. Instagram shopping is more than featuring the products that we think. Instagram is the only platform for businesses to find the real-time sales that they are looking for.

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