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Political Marketing Trends: Podcasting, OTT and CTV Advertising for Elections

Political Marketing Trends: Podcasting, OTT And CTV Advertising For Elections

Economic trends, political powers, and marketing change, so why shouldn’t’ advertising techniques differ? It’s’ time to throw the old advertising booklet out the window and apply practical and efficient election-making strategies, which will and can gain you momentum in these challenging times.

Elections are always very competitive; if you don’t have a good strategy and plan that the public will see, you are likely to fail. So, for starters, Covid-19, which has turned out to be a big challenge for the economies and political parties, was a blessing in disguise. It allowed the current and coming regime to change its patterns and revive the economy.

Be it OTT, podcasting, DOOH, CTV advertising, or digital videos. These new ways to advertise your candidacy and run for elections can reach a wider public and give you a first-hand experience to look techno-savvy, bright, and ready to change the pattern of the monotonous economy. Let’s look at the top political trends to help you better strategize.

Podcasting for Elections

According to research and surveys, podcasts have been in the industry for quite a while, but only recently have they begun to flourish. People love to hear podcasts while cooking, learning, or driving, so podcasting is a way to target the public and change advertisement trends for political campaigns.

India has various platforms where you can upload your podcast, discuss your views, dreams, and plans for free, and create a fan base.

Some of the podcast platforms in India are Amazon Music, which offers free access and selective streaming, Apple Music, and Gaana. The common public uses the latter for free access, selective streaming, and even track downloading.

Some other podcast channels in India are Jio Saavan, Google Play Music, Hungama, Spotify, Wynk, YouTube Music, SoundCloud, and many more.

The best way to reach a wider public is to upload podcasts on every platform, make yourself heard, and prepare yourself for these competitive days.

Redefining Political Marketing: The Power of Podcasting and OTT

“Redefining Political Marketing: The Power of Podcasting and OTT” delves into the innovative realms of digital media that are transforming the landscape of political communication and campaigning. In an era where traditional media channels are increasingly intertwined with digital platforms, podcasting, and Over-The-Top (OTT) services have emerged as powerful tools for political figures and organizations to engage with their audience, bypassing conventional media gatekeepers directly.

This exploration begins by dissecting the unique attributes of podcasting as a medium that offers intimacy, authenticity, and long-form discussion, making it an ideal platform for in-depth political discourse, storytelling, and mobilization efforts. The narrative then shifts to the expansive reach and versatility of OTT platforms, which allow for the targeted dissemination of political content, from campaign ads to documentary-style narratives, directly to viewers’ screens without the constraints of traditional broadcast schedules.

Streaming the Vote: How OTT and CTV are Changing Election Advertising

In the ever-evolving world of political advertising, Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) platforms have emerged as game-changers, transforming how candidates and campaigns reach their target audiences. Streaming the Vote: How OTT and CTV are Changing Election Advertising offers an in-depth exploration of this digital shift, providing insights into the strategies and techniques that reshape the political landscape.
As viewers increasingly turn to streaming service entertainment, political advertisers recognize the immense potential of OTT and CTV platforms for delivering targeted, engaging, and compelling ads. With the ability to reach voters across various devices and platforms, these digital channels offer unprecedented opportunities for campaigns to connect with their target audiences, drive engagement, and influence election outcomes.

Podcasting Politics: Harnessing the Power of Audio in Campaigns

“Podcasting Politics: Harnessing the Power of Audio in Campaigns” explores the burgeoning influence of podcasting as a formidable tool in political marketing and communication strategies. This deep dive elucidates how political figures, parties, and activists leverage audio content’s intimate and engaging nature to forge a deeper connection with their audience, share nuanced perspectives, and mobilize supporters in an increasingly digital and fragmented media landscape.

The narrative unfolds by examining the unique attributes of podcasting—its accessibility, personal touch, and flexibility in content delivery—that make it an ideal platform for storytelling, policy discussion, and direct voter engagement. It highlights how podcasts enable politicians to bypass traditional media gatekeepers, offering a direct line to constituents and allowing for the dissemination of unfiltered messages.

Beyond the Polls: Leveraging OTT and CTV for Political Ads

As over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) platforms continue to gain popularity among viewers, political advertisers are increasingly turning to these channels to reach their target audiences. Beyond the Polls: Leveraging OTT and CTV for Political Ads delves into the benefits of using these digital platforms for political advertising, offering practical strategies and insights for campaign professionals seeking to maximize their impact.
OTT and CTV platforms offer unparalleled opportunities for political advertisers. They provide access to highly targeted, data-driven ad placements and real-time performance metrics. By leveraging these advanced capabilities, campaigns can tailor their messaging to specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring their ads reach the right people at the right time.

DOOH Marketing for Elections

The digital out-of-home marketing trend involves making banners and ads look pretty and eye-catching, which can make voters and candidates stop and be amazed by the thought.

The motion DOO advertisements are said to capture audiences’ attention. There have been studies on the same static that customers love motion advertisements more than the traditional ways of newspapers or magazines.

DOOH is done with geo-tracking, geo-fencing, retargeting, etc.; if you are in a specific location limit, the advertisements have been geo-targeted for that place, says Delhi. Every person in the locality using the phone could see the ad pop up.

This new marketing trend has reduced human intervention and made the lives of customers and target groups fast. Obviously, due to less human interaction and modern advertising techniques, it has received a backlash from competitors. Still, this is the new trend, and it’s time to change accordingly.

OTT Marketing for Elections

A few years ago, TV was the go-to advertising place for all political leaders. Still, with a shift in consumer behavior, the demand has changed, and to reach a broader public that has switched from boring TV channels to OTT platforms, it’s high time the marketing of political campaigns changed.

OTT platforms vary from country to country. We have some significant players in India, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sony Liv, Mubi, Viu, ALT Balaji, Disney + Hotstar, Eros Now, Voot, ZEE5, and Ullu. With companies figuring out that OTT is the next big thing, the number of platforms is increasing daily.

With the onset of COVID-19 and a lot of spare time in the public’s hands, the number of active social media hours rose, and now most people are highly active there. Taking this as an opportunity, candidates can flock to these platforms and ensure voters know what they are up to and what they plan to do.

For instance, in the 2016 US election, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spent about $81 million on social media advertisements to reach a wider public and expand their horizons.

With the US elections approaching, imagine what the advertisements would be worth. According to surveys, the marketing budget for social media and OTT platforms is anticipated to cross $10 billion and create new benchmarks for the coming generations!

However, many social media platforms have banned political ads or offered controls if the public wants to see these advertisements related to political campaigns.

For example, Twitter banned political ads, but Facebook offered public control to reduce these political marketing advertisements.

Customer patterns are changing, and to win politically, candidates wishing to run for the coming elections must change their pattern of spreading joy and knowledge about what they want to do.

With technology and new market approaches paving the way to a superior increase, suppliers and political leaders must change their patterns of spreading knowledge and reaching a wider public.

With the stay-at-home policies increasing over COVID-19, the new ways to market would be the best way to win and increase your market presence. So, the primary recommendation in the political marketing trend is to go with the public’s demand; if they love podcasts, create podcasts, reach them digitally, showcase your advertisements, and talk about your story and why you wish to run.

In the end, it is all about making a statement. Don’t be late in accepting the new marketing trends; the old ones are out and about, and the new policies are here to stick. Adapt, change, and win.


As political landscapes continue to evolve and the digital sphere expands, political marketing strategies must adapt to remain effective and influential. By staying informed about the latest trends and embracing innovative tactics, political marketers can develop impactful campaigns that engage voters, promote candidates, and shape election outcomes.
Throughout Political Marketing Trends, WWE has explored various cutting-edge strategies and tactics that are transforming the world of political marketing. From leveraging the power of social media and micro-influencers to harnessing data-driven insights and utilizing immersive experiences, these trends highlight the importance of adaptability and innovation in today’s fast-paced political environment.
As we look to the future.

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