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How to Generate Quality Leads using B2B AdWords Strategies

How To Generate Quality Leads Using B2B AdWords Strategies

Given its leaderboard position as the largest search engine, Google is one of the best places for marketers to promote their businesses. Google is one of the best places where it brings together customers (looking for a suitable product) and the marketer (trying to find buyers for their products/services).

Google can perform this incredible work (of bringing the prospective buyers and the sellers together) through a technique called ‘AdWords.’

What is Google AdWords?

It is an online advertising service that enables advertisers (marketers) to book an online space to display their product/service. This service is used by viewers (web users). The advertiser pays when viewers visit the advertiser’s site to seek more information or confirm purchase decisions.

Part of this revenue is shared with partner websites, and Google retains a significant share. AdWords is probably the most critical contributor to Google’s revenue.

Some of the terms used in AdWords include pay per click (PPC), cost per click (CPC), cost per acquisition (CPA), and cost per mile (CPM).

Based on its technical superiority, Google can offer personalized packages to advertisers depending on their requirements, whether based on demographics, geography, or otherwise.

Now, the question is how to generate B2B leads using Google AdWords. The best method to generate B2B shows is conversion bidding (CPA), i.e., cost per acquisition. Following are some of the strategies in this direction:

1) Add more keywords & ad groups.

2) Improve ads.

3) Add more negative keywords.

4) Content curation.

5) Content updation.

6) Constant update of contact details.

7) Regular interaction through a Q&A session.

8) Declaring and maintaining schedules, etc.

The marketer’s ultimate aim is to promote his products/services and improve the image of his company. Google AdWords can contribute the most in this direction.

Guide to Google Keyword Planner

Google’s keyword tool is one of the great tools for researching the best keywords, but a new tool from Google was replaced with Google’s keyword planner, a paid service by Google. The keywords are essential to ranking better on different search engines.

Generally, people search for their content using specific words to determine its relevancy, displaying the results on different pages. Only the top results, which match the searched words in the content, can be displayed on the first pages of the search engine results.

These keywords can mostly match the search words that users use during the Search. By utilizing Google’s keyword planner, one can get the right keywords to reach millions of people efficiently and rank better. Here is the ultimate guide to Google Keyword Planner.

What is the Google Keyword Planner?

The Google keyword planner is the new version of the Google keyword tool and the ad words estimator tool. This tool is designed for advertisers to create new ad groups and campaigns and plays a vital role in the performance of PPC accounts.

It is different from the Google keyword tool and Adwords estimator tool. The previous tools are generally utilized to Find new keywords and conduct keyword research for SEO. However, the latest Google keyword planner has an excellent interface.

How to use Google Keyword Planner?

You can choose from three different options if you have selected Google AdWords for your account. The first thing to do is search for keyword and ad group ideas. By choosing this option, if you are performing the usual keyword research where you can enter the keywords, Google will help you search based on them.

It also suggests the ad groups based on the keyword and some information related to the advertising. The ad groups can select the keywords that are relevant to your keywords.

Click on the second option to enter or upload the keywords for performance. You can enter the keywords in the planner or upload a file with them and obtain the details related to the ads, where you can run things based on these keywords.

Choosing the multiple-keyword list option allows you to create lists of keywords, and Google will combine the keywords based on the various keywords. One can also customize the Search with keyword filters, an essential area in keyword research.

The average CPC can be entered for keywords with higher and lower costs. The share of the ad impression also allows you to specify things based on the ad impressions.

There is also an option to turn off adult keywords and exclude or include specific keywords. Using the keyword planner, one can target different options based on the location, where you can select all countries and particular countries, and Google will display the results found on the site.

Targeting is also done by language, with specific language for results. The Google Keyword Planner can also provide your product and service keywords, landing pages, and product categories.

How to get the best keywords using the Keyword Planner?

The Google keyword planner was designed and managed the keywords based on the relevancy for the PPC campaigns.

To find the new keywords, you need a Google AdWords account, which you can set up for free. You can also use the Google keyword planner, which allows you to perform various tasks, like searching for new keywords and ad groups.

To search the best keywords with Google Keyword Planner, enter your product and service name, landing page address, and product category in the Search for New Keyword column in Google Keyword Planner. Also, add the targeting options and select your country and languages along with the negative keywords.

Utilize the keyword filters and options to customize your keyword search and get the best keywords using the best ideas generated by the Google keyword planner.

Google Keyword Planner Tips and Tricks

• Pay proper attention to the trends in Search and then target the keywords to generate ideas.

• Be careful when dealing with the assumption of numbers

• Check the keyword combinations and identify the best potential words to include in your organic or paid search campaigns.

• Add the keywords for the campaign planning before and save them to a spreadsheet

• Balance the volume of the Search

Alternatives to the Google Keyword Planner

Google Trends :

Shows related terms

Google Correlate :

Displays similar keywords and phrase matches with terms

Google Webmaster :

It can help you to know which keywords are used more in search results and save the data and history

Bing Keyword Research :

A webmaster tool account related to Bing is required to get started with the Bing keyword research tool.

The Google keyword planner is essential for advertisers to reach the web’s audience by targeting keywords utilizing the planner. It also boosts search engine rankings and makes you stand apart from the crowd on the Internet.

Advantage of AdWords Store Visits Conversions

More retail transactions take place in physical stores, but people use their smartphones to reach these stores. Online ads are also becoming essential for local businesses.

We can see many internet ads for local stores. When consumers open the location data on their smartphones and click on online ads, the number of consumers visiting the particular local physical store can be estimated.

Adwords In-store Conversion is a Google tool that helps retailers determine the influence of their online campaigns on physical store visits. Most retailers with multiple store locations use Google Maps, Adwords location extensions, and similar tools to tell consumers where their stores are.

When the consumers use these tools, Google tracks them and tries to estimate the store visit conversions.

Studies have revealed that paid online Searches increase store visits. Google introduced an in-store visit metric a couple of years ago.

This helps the stores understand how much their location-based online ads increase consumers’ visits to their physical stores. Google measures visits based on many signals such as GPS location signals, Google query data, Google Maps street view data, and so on.

Adwords Store Visits Conversions Advantages

This conversion data will help the businesses assess how much the online ad campaigns are helping them increase store visits.

This also helps them understand what devices and keywords effectively send people to their stores. It is also possible to see whether the money spent on campaigns is helping them increase sales.

AdWords store visits conversion feature is available for businesses with multiple physical stores, receives many ad clicks, and enables location extension.

How does Google Adwords Auction Work?

When we search the Internet for something, we see pay-per-click ads. All the advertisements that appear have to go through Google’s Adwords auction. Let us now see what Adwords is and how the sale works.

Google AdWord

When we launch a new company website or promote our product, we want more visitors to help us increase online sales.

Google AdWords can help us bring back customers. It enables the service or the product to reach the correct type of customers at the right time. Advertisers can choose whether they want their ads to appear globally or only in some places or countries.

This is the most popular online advertising option for many businesses. When someone searches for a keyword, Google displays the Adword advertiser’s ads and relevant organic search results. Well, on what basis are these ads shown on search result pages?

Here comes the Adwords auction process. When you have specific keywords in your ad, the auction is triggered on these keywords. Apart from the higher bid, many things influence the ad ranking.

Ad rank will be higher when the ad has relevant keywords and not general keywords.

The quality of the landing page also influences the ad rank. There are a few ways to bid in an AdWords auction: the cost per click, cost per thousand impressions, and cost per acquisition methods.

A Google auction is triggered when more than one advertiser bids on keywords.

The advertisers’ accounts are now entered with the Google-identified keyword. The ad’s quality score also plays a role in determining the Ad rank. This process helps the advertisers connect with the customers through advertisements placed in different search results.

Best Practices for Google Adwords Display Remarketing

AdWords launched remarketing in the year 2010. Since then, new features and functionalities have been added to secure it.

With its helpful features, remarketing became important for advertisers. Here are some best practices for benefiting from Google Adwords Display Remarketing. Remarketing ads are displayed for those who have already visited the marketer’s website or used the application.

One of the best practices for Google Adwords remarketing is to set clear objectives for remarketing so that managing client expectations becomes easy. Remarketing might not deliver the same results as PPC and may not provide high traffic.

Remarketing only reinforces the brand to people who have already used the app or visited the site and can influence conversions.

Planning a remarketing strategy is as important as setting up the remarketing project. The success of the remarketing system depends on the created lists and how they are used.

Updating the privacy policy is one of the best practices. The advertiser can inform the user that they are using Google Analytics remarketing codes and might provide targeted advertising in the future. Provide an option to the user to avoid receiving any future advertising.

Adwords remarketing code and Google Analytics remarketing code are available. The marketer can compare the benefits of the two regulations and use them for their business. Do not show your remarketing ads on harmful content. Set the list membership duration carefully.

Only set membership durations as long as required so you don’t annoy the consumer and make them opt out of seeing the retargeting ad.

Set the frequency capping on monthly, weekly, or daily. It is beneficial to only target users who are likely to convert for businesses that have smaller budgets.

10 Digital Marketing Tips for B2B Marketers

Digital Marketing is the latest trend that is fast replacing traditional marketing. Digital marketing includes and involves online marketing. The various channels of marketing include the Internet and other online communication channels.

B2B means ‘Business 2 Business,’ meaning a business conducts commercial transactions with another business entity. This type of business is generally available in areas where one company is the supplier to others, such as between the manufacturer and the wholesaler, the wholesaler and the retailer, and the retailer and dealer. Digital Marketing will quickly establish a good relationship.

Let’s briefly discuss a few of the tips for B2B Marketers:

Be mobile-friendly :

As mobile will be the major player in digital marketing, the website and content must be mobile-friendly. The content should be capable of being accepted and adopted by mobile phones across various brands and OS.

Social Media :

Social media is another trending aspect of digital marketing. The most powerful social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, can influence the purchase decision; hence, this channel has to be given the utmost importance.

The prominence of contact details :

If the reader/viewer wants to contact the marketer, the content should be able to provide the contact details, preferably on each page, and these contacts should be responsive.

4) Blogging the business is another method to protect the marketer’s business.

5) Interactive chatting/online chatting provides an excellent opportunity for prospective buyers to get first-hand information about the company/products.

6) Establishing credentials through the copy of communication will significantly enhance the goodwill of the marketer.

7) Providing user-friendly information is necessary to ensure smooth communication between B2B marketers.

8) Sharing social sharing icons such as Facebook and Twitter will significantly enhance the acceptability of the content.

9) Accurate and actual data to be presented in graphs and charts to ensure the content receives a good response.

10) Easy navigation among various content pages is another essential aspect the marketer needs to consider.

10 B2B Marketing Trends You Should Know

B2B marketing generally focuses on approaching customers with product marketing strategies and changing accordingly to consumer behavior regarding purchasing their products. B2B marketing trends can help companies take a good approach and be successful.

Advertising approaches have changed and updated depending on the trends marketers must follow to achieve the expected outcome. B2B marketers are facing significant problems with Ad Blocking and fraud with BOTS. Here are some critical B2B trends that are helpful to marketers.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is not obsolete; it works well with B2B strategies to achieve the best outcome. It is definitely on the list of trends even in 2017. Email marketing is a clear trend as it is more effective for B2B companies.

Recent research reports reveal that over 68 percent of people read their emails on mobile devices. Mobile-friendly email creation with fast loading time is the main point that every marketer must remember in their email marketing. Automation has already created ease in email campaigning.

Content management

Marketing with content to distribute valuable information with short video clips is more effective and a continuous trend in B2B marketing. Video content marketing budgets will go higher as it is more engaging for B2B companies.

Google almost successfully fought black hat SEO by occasionally updating its search algorithms. The biggest challenge for companies is getting good rankings for content. So, to get on with the content marketing trend, we need to focus on content quality and relevancy.


More than 60 percent of marketers have increased their spending on SEO, and companies have more than 98 percent of inbound links. SEO targeting video links and video optimization for mobile will continue its pace in the B2B strategy.

Automation of Marketing 

Marketers must invest in upgrading and innovating marketing practices to grab better conversion of sales leads. Apps are going well. They can provide quick services and connect directly with potential buyers online.

Better Customer Experience

Companies must focus on the buying experience by considering the customer’s point of view. Referral marketing is also significantly contributing to better results.

Practicing Advocacy Marketing

Customer advocacy marketing helps marketers to build the best relationship with clients by increasing engagement with social media.

Enabling better sales

Service-oriented B2B firms support business development and sales activities. Enabling sales ensures business developers have good buyer insights and predictive analytics knowledge.

App Marketing

Find new ways to incorporate the apps into the marketing strategy. Marketing and providing services with apps can ensure better marketing with interactive design.

Live Streaming

Live streaming will continue as a new trend with significant changes for the B2B marketing goal. Video blogging can become a more prominent trend for B2B marketers today, and podcasts also play a better role in reaching things with B2B marketing.

Adblocking and Bot Fraud

More than half of the ads are blocked due to ad blocking, as people are annoyed with some ads. Ad blocking may continue and grow, which may cause disruption. So, one must be ready with the best ads that can raise interest in the audience, which can prevent people from blocking ads.


B2B AdWords strategies offer a powerful avenue for generating quality leads and driving business growth. Businesses can effectively reach their target audience and drive conversions by leveraging the targeting capabilities, ad formats, and optimization tools available within the AdWords platform.

This guide has provided a comprehensive overview of B2B AdWords strategies, including keyword research, ad copy optimization, landing page design, and campaign tracking. Businesses can attract highly qualified leads with solid purchase intent by conducting thorough keyword research and focusing on long-tail keywords relevant to the B2B audience.

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